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These past few days I've been so lazy dressing up even putting on make-up that's why I find my love for natural beauty and no make-up look. And my comfort outfit nowadays is either sweat pants and a sweater or an oversized T-shirt and shorts.  Glad that I find these local Thai brands that have a nice quality of T-shirts, Hay, and this local Thai store that sells second-hand tote bags at a very affordable price but still of good quality even though they are all second-hand tote bags, more.tote.

I've been inspired lately by Filipino Influencers such as Faye Balogo, Rhea Bue, and Ida Andu for their love with Aesthetic, minimalist, monochromatic, browns, and nudes colors kinda vibe with their IG feed. That's why I'm obsessed nowadays with browns, whites, grays, nudes, and earthy tone colors. I'm also hooked up with Rhea Bue shopping haul where she really promotes Filipino Local brands and how cool the stuff she purchased. Then it made me realize for all the things that have been going on right now in the world it is ideal to help others especially local small business. Since I'm currently living in Thailand, I decided, why not start promoting local brands and stores, though I've been doing it before with my collaboration with a Thai Brand Purli Bikini, however this time I will put extra more effort so others may know these amazing brands.

To start off, I bought this very comfortable, cute T-shirt from Hay. I really love the cloth it's so comfortable and breathable to wear. I choose the Oatmeal color in the size Large because when it comes to a T-shirt I wanted and an oversize T-shirt and as what I've mentioned above I'm obsessed right now with minimalist color. I love the print by the way so minimalist. I paired my Hay t-shirt with my denim Bermuda shorts and white Fila Disruptor shoes. I also brought my tote bag from More.Tote in Instagram, aside from supporting local business, I am so in love with their second-hand tote bags, because it is so cheap like 100THB and most of their tote bags are so perfect for the minimal style, like this gray tote bag that has a quote from Norman Vincent Peale "Beleive in yourself have faith in your abilities without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you can not be successful or happy" What I like about More.Tote is that even though their tote bags are second hand it's still cute and beautiful. I really felt comfortable during this day in the park having my mini picnic, feeling the air breeze, and just enjoying the moment,

How about you loves? What are your most comfortable clothes during this day? Keep safe everyone. 

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