The success story behind the Padded T-shirt

 Since I've been a constant follower of Ida Anduyan, Angelique Manto, and Faye Balogo, I found myself obsessing with browns, nudes, grays, and any muted colors. And there is a recent trend that I'm obsessing about, the Padded T-shirt. 

Where does this Padded T-shirt come about? I did my researched and found out that the Padded T-shirt was the famous and hit Eva padded muscle T-shirt of Frankie Shop founded by Gaelle Drevet. Frankie Shop was opened since 2014 in New York City’s Lower East Side that became so popular to all fashion enthusiasts. A sleeveless muscle T-shirt with padded shoulder straight out inspired by the 80s and everyone is loving it. Now we can find so many padded T-shirt in Zara, H&M, and other chain stores around the globe. 

While reading the article about Gaelle Drevet on, I was amazed by the strategy of hers on how to sell-out so fast, she used "limited supply only". According to the article, this is to "test customer reaction of the more “trend-curious” items and increases the desirability factor once items sell out". It is a very smart move especially if you are just starting a business and building your name in the industry, so many Fashion brands and companies nowadays, and most of the time the brands have almost the same style and the limited supply strategy is a very nice tactic to know if the customer will love the product or not. If not, then move on and create a new one. It really inspired me on our upcoming brand to launch in 2021, as a small-time business owner and just starting up in the industry it's hard to grasp with everything especially with the current situation in the world right now. So, reading success stories from others really inspired me to work hard and be positive even more, the law of attraction.

I bought my own Padded T-shirt in the famous Platinum mall in Bangkok, where you can find trendy clothes at a very affordable price. I was having a hard time which color to choose at that moment, either gray, white, or brown. Then finally I decided to get the brown one. since I'm into minimalism nowadays, I paired it with my nude pats, to separate the two colors I wear my blue belt. I also wear my chained necklace from @_silvershining. I honestly love their necklace and style, however, you can only use it two or three it rusts easily. To make it more casual I opt for my flat comfy sandals from

Do you also have a Padded T-shirt? Let me know below, how did you style it. You can also get the same Padded T-shirt from the suggested store below:

The Frankie Shop


75 USD 



190 THB


1295 PHP

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