What's in my Hospital Bag

 They say preparing your Hospital bag is like having a staycation, but honestly speaking I don't get the point of bringing a small suitcase and a huge box full of baby stuff. I also saw so many videos on Youtube that they brought a lot of things to the hospital and ended up not using them because the hospital already provided the baby's needs. I also saw Kryz Uy's video with her hospital bag she only packed basic things for her and her husband as far as I remember she only packed a few items for the baby. Luckily, I have a colleague at work who had labour in the same hospital that I'm going to so I asked her many things about her experienced, so here's my "What's in my Hospital Bag".

I'm using my all-time favorite The Tribe Duffle Bag, I've been showing this bag a couple of times and sharing about it and we are almost there in sharing with you our first bag from The Tribe very soon, this year. We are halfway through the finish line we are just finalizing everything and ready to launch soon. 

Anyways, yes I am obsessed with The Tribe Duffle bag because I can fit anything here for an overnight or short travel and it keeps my things organize especially the shoe compartment that I can pack not only shoes but also some other items that need organizing or easy access. I actually used The Tribe duffle bag when we had our Maternity shoot in Bangkok, All the things I needed for the Maternity shoot I packed them together at the shoe compartment, so easy for access I didn't get stressed from scattering all the things inside the main bag. This is a game-changer! So for my hospital bag, I plan to do the same thing, for the baby stuff I will pack them in the shoe compartment, again for easy access. 


  • Enfant Blue cloth diapers and Printed muslin cloth

I don't intend to use this as a cloth diaper but as a blanket, in the Philippines, we called it "lampin", a cotton cloth blanket is used to wrap the baby, or for baby's sweat, drool, bed cover, blanket, and many more uses. I choose the Enfant Blue cloth diapers in the size of 27 x 27 inches and it is made of 100% cotton and have good water absorption and are breathable. Enfant cloth diapers are so lightweight and soft. I also get two pieces of printed muslin cloth, I don't want my baby to get bored with just plain white Enfant cloth diapers, so I also bought the cute giraffe and whale prints. My friend who had laboured in the same hospital that I'm going to says that the hospital will provide everything for the baby, but to make sure I will just bring a few cotton and muslin cloth blankets.

  • Sebamed Diaper cream

My sister advise me not to buy yet a diaper cream because the baby might not need it, but it's SALE in Shopee Thailand and sebamed_officialshop had a huge sale, so why not grab the opportunity. The formula is a Wheat Bran extract that helps to soothe and counteract irritation, it also has Panthenol containing care complex that stimulates the healing process. I may not or may use it but to be safe I'll bring one.

  • Diapers at least 15 pcs

As I mentioned above the Hospital will provide everything that the baby needs, however, if in case the hospital will ask us for the diapers of the baby I am ready, we don't need to get panic. 

  • Sets of Baby's clothes for 3 days

My friend also mentioned that the hospital will provide the baby's clothes, once again just in case will never know it's better to be prepared than to be sorry, I will pack sets of clothes for the baby. I am not yet sure how long will I stay in the hospital, but I'm aiming for normal delivery so hopefully just 1 night only. I will pack 3 sets of white cotton clothes for the baby and a going home outfit, a set includes a top, a pyjama, a mitten and a sock, I decided to place each set of clothes in a ziplock bag for easier to find, just grab the ziplock with sets of clothes and hand over to the nurse. There's no need to go deeper inside the bag and get crazy about where are the clothes of the baby.


  • Toiletries

Even when I'm travelling, short vacation or just a night stay I always bring my own toiletries such as:

- St. Ives Soft Skin facial scrub Avocado & Honey

- Cetaphil

- Toothbrush and Toothpaste

- My partner's toiletries 

The hospital where I'm going to have labour don't have a shared room or just a normal ward room, they only have a private room with complete basic amenities like a hotel room. I prefer to bring my own skincare products it's what I'm used to. As a Filipina pregnant woman, I will only bring skincare products for my face probably, because we have this old belief or superstition that after labor don't shower the next day, just let your body recover first for a maximum of four days and just wash your vagina properly and carefully. They actually recommend using boiled guava leaves water to aid healing. We are still on the hunt for guava leaves here in Thailand. 

  • Clothes

I already imagined and think what's the best clothes to wear after labor, I have to consider so many factors like my body is tired so I need comfortable and loose clothes, my vagina is for sure still in pain so no to tight pants or anything in between in my legs and as much as possible my vagina needs to be untouchable except when I'm washing it, I will also constantly breastfeeding the baby so easy access to my breast is much better. To sum up all these requirements I need a duster dress, with easy access to my breast, loose and cotton. I am also going to pack my going home outfit thinking that I still have the energy and passion to look good when we are about to be discharged. 

  • Towels

I don't actually bring towels when I'm travelling or having a staycation because there are towels in the hotel, though the hospital that I'm going to have my normal delivery is a private hospital and they have great amenities inside their room, I'm not confident to use hospital towels so I'll bring my own to keep my mind at peace.

  • Nursing Bra

It's my first to have a newborn baby so I'm not quite sure if a Nursing bra is necessary. Most moms commented that they end up not using it, but I don't know, everyone has different preferences, styles, needs and wants so let's see if I'm really going to use a Nursing Bra or not. Hence, I bought these beautiful Nursing bras from Dodolove and it is made with premium Nilit Softex I love that it has no underwire or frame underneath, it makes my breast so comfortable. I like that the nursing bra comes with a both-handed clip and un-clip design which makes it easy to open, feed the baby, and close. Most nursing bras only have one side clip to open, but I need both sides to open one for the baby to latch and on the other to manually pump, multi-tasking! I'm so glad that they added a bra extender in the nursing bra, I've been raving with bra extender during my pregnancy and I am so surprised that Dodolove never left out this area, even though they have a lot of sizes options you can never tell if the bra fits or not, bra extender is truly a lifesaver. I bought two colors gray and purple and I will be bringing these two babies to the hospital. 

  • Disposable underwear

I haven't had any experience having labor before but definitely for me no brainer at all bringing disposable underwear is a must! I've done my research they say after you give birth a lot of blood will come out to your vagina it seems like menstruation is coming back, but a lot worse. And for sure, the least of my worries while staying in the hospital is washing my bloody underwear, so to skip the drama and stress I will be bringing my disposable underwear from Dodolove. Their underwear is EO sterilized or undergone Ethylene oxide sterilization, which is an important sterilization method that manufacturers widely use to keep medical devices safe. The fabric is soft and comfortable and made up of 100% cotton. 

  • Adult Diaper and Large Pads

As I mentioned, after you give birth you will experience vaginal bleeding, they call it lochia. The lochia is a combination of mucous, tissue and blood that your womb sheds as it replaces its lining after you’ve given birth. I actually saw these vloggers on Youtube that they highly recommend the brand Always for adult diapers and pads. However, the brand Always is only available in US, and I'm in Asia, so I did my researched and found this brand Sofy adult diaper with a cool pad that provides cool and fresh, reduces stuffiness and locks odor. It is also flexible and soft-touch pants that fit perfectly to the body. And for the pads, I also bought the same brand Sofy it also has a cooling fresh pad. I am sure that I will be needing these pads and adult diapers after I give birth.

  • Postpartum Girdle

After giving birth, the next day I do plan to wear a girdle immediately if the Doctor permits. I remember when my sister had her first baby, my mom suggested my sister to wear a girdle to put everything back in place and to hold her loose tummy skin after giving birth. And I plan to do the same, I always saw these moms on social media highly recommending the brand Frida Mom as they have these complete sets for postpartum essentials, once again Frida Mom is only based in the US. So, I have to be creative and do my research, I found this brand called Mama's Choice, similar to Frida Mom, they sell things and stuff for babies and especially for postpartum moms. Their postpartum girdle or wrap is so affordable and it is made of 65% polyester, 35% spandex fabric. Plus, you can adjust the firmness level with velcro tail straps and it stretches up to 42 inches.

  • Gadgets

Bringing a big camera or recording video, I think is prohibited in the hospital that I'm going to. They don't allow recording video or taking pictures while on labor. However, I think I can manage to take a few photos and clips when we are already in our room. So, I will be bringing my small camera and film camera and power banks also.

  • Others

These are essentials that I think I will be needing and important especially in the hospital:

  • socks and slippers, hospitals are too cold and I always easily get cold so I need some protection.
  • water and mini snacks
  • wet wipes and tissue
  • alcohol
  • face mask
  • wallet
  • laundry bag, to separate our used clothes and other items, so when we go home it is easy to find and wash directly to the washing machine
  • trash bag
  • basic make-up, who knows I still have the passion or energy to look amazing before and after giving birth

And that's it loves what I'm going to pack in my hospital bag, it's not much I guess just basic necessities and important stuff that I think I will be needing, so no need for suitcases or large boxes to bring. I highly suggest doing your research first, try to watch videos of a pregnant mom sharing their "What's in my Hospital bag" then after watching the video what they regret bringing and the things they actually use. I like to watch those kinds of videos like before and after so I would know really what to prepare and not waste my time, money and energy in putting everything together and ended up not using it. 

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