Cheap and Chic: The Best Affordable Thai Clothing Brands X Attipa Shop

I have honestly been planning to write a review about this new-found Thai local brand since I got pregnant, but it keeps cancelling and moving and finally, here I am taking the time to write about this affordable Thai clothing brand, Atippa Shop.

I found Atippa Shop on Instagram and the first thing that caught my attention is that they have a minimal, aesthetic and they are one of the most affordable brands in Bangkok.

They also sell wholesale prices for those business enthusiasts and they ship internationally. I also discover that they can put a label with your own brand on the clothes.

Well, honestly? It got me thinking should I buy bulk and put up my own online clothing store and buy the items from them? But then I realize, I have a lot on my plate right now. I have my bags and luggage business, full-time job, and part-time jobs (like with S I have many clients right and I'm thankful). also my own Blog site, Youtube channel and social media, and I also have a baby that needed me the most. So, putting up an online clothing store is not ideal for me. 

When I was pregnant I already wanted to buy a few pieces from Atippa Shop, however, it got me thinking it's very unwise to buy clothes from them If I have this huge belly and it's just a waste of money to buy pieces that I cannot wear.

So, I decided to buy pieces from them that are stretchable, and preggy-friendly, and I can still wear them during postpartum. At first, I bought 3 pieces from them, to be frank. they have a lot of beautiful designs and styles and it's hard to pick.

I bought the bodysuit and bodycon dress when I was pregnant. Then this past week I bought other pieces from them the cargo pants, sets and the bodysuit shirt.

Sexy Back Bodysuit

When I received it, I was so scared and worried that it might not fit me plus I have a big preggy belly, and it is so small.

But when I put it on, in my shock It fit me perfectly, it is so flattering in my body, the bodysuit is breathable and I totally love the material of the bodysuit. The only downside I wish they could update in the future is that they can put on a bra foam in the chest area.

I know you can use a sticky nipple or bra silicone but It's not that I always have a stockpile of them and just grab it anytime when I want to, right? Lastly, I wish they could put a snap button in the bottom area of the bodysuit, you know you have to pee and it takes a serious time and effort to go to the bathroom and get naked just to pee. 

HISO dress

Another happily satisfied order, it fits perfectly and flattering to my body as well. No problem with the material. So far, I am happy with the bodycon dress I am planning to buy other colors soon, like white and black.

Cargo Pants

I have love-and-hate feelings about this cargo pants. I love everything about the pants, it fits me well the size and the length is okay, however, the quality of the cloth is so sheer that everyone can see your underwear. I think this cargo pants is perfect for a beach trip, I bought the white one so maybe that's why it so sheer, they also have color black. Maybe black is safe to wear. 

Botega Short sleeve

This shirt is perfect, the quality of the cloth is very light and it fits perfectly. I like that this bodysuit short sleeve has a snaps button in the bottom so it is very easy if you are rushing to the toilet. I also like the idea that you can wear Botega Short sleeves in 3 different ways. It's like I bought 3 clothes in 1. 

Madison set

I've been wanting to buy the Madison set since I was pregnant but it doesn't feel right to buy one when my body is getting bigger and bigger (prego days). But now! that I finally get it, I don't know. I perfectly love the bra and the shorts, but the cover-up button-down shirt is a bit small. I wish they make it wider or larger. But all in all, the quality is super good.

My Final Thoughts

That's it loves, finally, I am able to make a review with the Local Thai brand Atippa Shop. I honestly love all their clothing designs, because they are cheaper and they always have something new. It makes me feel like I want to buy all. But then again, it's unwise!

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