Activewear For your Day-in and Workout

By now, we can really state that for sure activewear has evolved beyond being just attire for workouts and they are now basically fashion statements. You can now wear them not only for your workout sessions but also while you are staying at home and lounging around with them. 

Wearing activewear sets for women, will help you embrace your style and provide comfort but it will also empower you to do every activity you have planned with flair and confidence too. 

It is important to know, that no matter if you are planning to work out or to spend the day at home, wearing the right activewear is essential. They offer comfort, style, and functionality and are the newest versatile fashion trends. And this is why we have compiled a little list of the activewear pieces we consider are must-haves, either if you choose to pursue a more active day or stay at home and relax. 


Of course, the first piece on the list has to be either comfy joggers or high waisted workout leggings. These are great for low-impact activities and days in. They are soft and stretchy and that provide maximum comfort too. 

For a flattering fit, the right choice is a high-waisted style and for extra support, they should have a wide waistband. If you want to rock a more loungewear look, then pair them with either a more relaxed T-shirt or an oversized hoodie. 


Believe it or not, sports bras can actually provide great everyday support. They are not just to wear them during workouts. They should have medium to high support, and this should depend on your actual needs and the activities you are planning to perform. 

It will be optimal if they have straps that are adjustable, have a seamless design, and get maximum comfort, and moisture-wicking properties. The good thing is that they come in so many styles and colors allowing you to express your personal style. 


Athletic tops, that are versatile will help you transition from workout to casual effortlessly. They should be breathable and be made of moisture-wicking materials and also, they should be lightweight. Great options are either t-shirts or tank tops that have more relaxed or loose fits that will allow you to move easily. Having mesh panels or cutouts makes them very stylish too. 

Finally, we have an activewear bodysuit. For those days you stay in and want to feel more fashionable, then opting for an bike shorts bodysuitis the way to go. They feature sporty details and stretchy fabrics, combining style and comfort. Great options are the ones let you customize your look. They can be paired with sandals or sneakers. 



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