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Its good to be back! It’s been a long time i didn't function as a blogger and a frustrated writer (ahahahah), but it’s good to be back again to write and share some experiences. I already left my first blog due to some defaults on the website. And here we go again NEW blog, NEW site, NEW experiences and NEW stuff. I’m here now in Thailand, not for good but only for a couple of years, I decided to move here to find a job that really satisfies me a lot. And the decision was not a big mistake. I’m having a life here, with my friends, co-office mates and my job is more than okay

I love to explore to other places and experience a lot of things; it’s a good thing that my fellow Filipino Teachers also love Photography, which is a blessing for me because I’m really looking for a Photographer for free (wala akung budget mag hire ng prof.). We decided to go for a short visit in Wongamat Beach, since Pattaya is known for its beautiful beaches. (sa Pattaya ako naka tira kasi). If you want to go to a beach where it’s not crowded and the view is relaxing, there is this part in the Wongamat Beach. It’s in the end part of the Beach you can walk along the seashore going to the bottom. Wongamat Beach is located at the back of Centara Mirage Resort and Hotel.  We went there like 12nn so it’s superhot and sunny, so better bring an umbrella if you want also to go there and pay a visit, and don’t forget to wear some sunblock and sunglasses. Even though the sun was killing us, we still enjoy the scenic view of the beach and it’s beautiful rock formation. 

During our Photo-shoot I wear a pink lace dress and a black swimsuit. The color of the dress really not irritating to the eye since it was so sunny and bright. Blue green Slipper is from Bata. My flash lens Aviator is from Rayban. Honestly speaking, I only appreciate my Sunglass here rather than my dress (lol..) because it’s the only color that flashes during the shoot and it’s so good to wear during sunny day. 

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