Travel Diary : Silver Lake

It's been a long time i haven't write in my blog, but I really wanted to write don't have a time and also I don't have a clear pictures to show. But now I decided to show my best to share all my experiences.

Its the first weekend of the month of October, for others its "Oktoberfest" but for me its "few days work only". Its a good thing if you work in a school, because there's a lot of holidays and vacations. (yay!!!!!!!!!) My co-teachers/friends decided to go to one of the famous tourist spot in Pattaya, Thailand (is where we actually lived). SILVER LAKE, obviously its a lake and I was so excited and curious what it looks like, we went to the lake around 3:00 p.m since we had a work in the morning, and we rented a song taew (transportation in Thailand). 

From the left: Katrina Felix, Me my self, Aprille, Jennifer, Janet and Mary. They are all Kindergarten Teachers. They are so lovely. and the one who took the photo is my college friend and at the same time a Nursery Teacher, May-may.
I really wanted to have a van like this one, its good when you are traveling with your friends you can go where ever you want to go.
The veranda of the restaurant have a great view around the Lake and the garden, it's so relaxing when you have your afternoon snacks here.
i know i gain too much, but it doesn't stop me from being so fashionable and vain. ^^
One of the beautiful sight in Silver Lake. How i wish i have a garden so big and beautiful like this. :D
Silver lake is not only flowers and lake but they also have a big Plantation of grapes where they process and fermented to have a wine, and this is the place where they process everything.
The mountain so amazing, i just didn't get the best shot because we are in a hurry at this moment because it's about to rain. But when you see in the photo, and focus your attention to the right side of the mountain there's a gold line, actually it's a drawing of a Big Buddha using Gold lines, they said it's real gold. Imagine how creative it is?.!!!
Have you seen the short movie of the popular artist in the Phil. Ramon Bautista, Friend Zone? on that short movie he always used the Tandem bike where i find it so cute for lovers, and luckily i found it personally in the Silver Lake garden.
On this day i like to wear something comfortable but yet sassy, so i decided to wear a White top and a Floral skirt and a white flat sandal. All my outfits on that day i bought in Big C Extra.
and don't forget to take a selfie ^^ i hope you enjoy reading my first travel diary.

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