On Her Special Day

Do you know what to celebrate this coming May 10? ^____^
Any guess?

Correct! It's mother's day, It's the special day to all mother's in the world specially to my mother. They carry us inside their womb for nine months and give birth to us, well that's not an easy way. After giving birth it's not the end, they take good care of us, feed us, give everything we need and wanted and love us unconditionally till the end.

So I salute all the mothers in the world. ^^

I search for any promos and sales or special events for this coming  May 10, and let me share with you my top __ choices that will really inspire you for your mother, or sisters who already been a mother or your friends who is a mother.

1. Treat her with a nice Lunch or Dinner Buffet

I've been working before in Limketkai Luxe Hotel, and I'm proud to say that I'm one of the pioneering employee. Limketkai Luxe Hotel offers a very luxurious dining in Cagayan de Oro City.
It’s either buffet, plate-in or even fine dining, it’s not all about the food and the ambiance that makes them unique it’s also the service that no one can compare. I can say all this things because I had proven and tested this service they have. And when I found out that they are giving a special buffet for mother’s day, I bet it’s one of the best. So why not bring your mom and enjoy the day. For reservations and inquiries you can visit their website (just click the word “Limketkai Luxe Hotel” above and it will link you directly to their website) or visit their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LimketkaiLuxeHotel 
2. Surprise her with a vacation

One of my dream summer beach vacation is in BE Resort in Mactan Cebu. If you have a lot of money in your pocket, and you want the most special in all specials to give to your mom bring her or your wife or with your family here at Be Resort. The place is over breath taking, when I saw this picture in IG I was so amazed by those beach bed tent by the beach, I've never seen like those before in my life. It is cute and super unique at all. To inquire for there "Chill Out Summer Photo" just visit their website http://www.beresorts.com/

3. Budget treat

But when you are in a budget, but still you want to give a special surprise to your mother, wife or sister or even friends who is a mother. Still you can give them a nice and yummy cakes. I highly recommend my Chef's friend Miss Donna Riza Labrador. She is a very talented person when it comes to Cakes and pastries, it's not all bout "how" you make a cake but it's all about "how much you love" to make a cake. And that's what makes her cake's unique with others, because her cake has "love' on it. Try to contact her and make deals with her. ^^ she is also a sweet and kind person with humor. Click her name to link her facebook page.

4. Lovely Words

                                                   CLICK HERE  by Saffron Avenue

But if you are really on a tight budget, you can still express your love to your mom, wife, sister and friend who is a mother by giving them a bunch of sweet honest words in a special cards. Good news there’s no need to go to a bookstore and buy a mother’s day card but you just need to be online in Pinterest. That’s what I love about Pinterest because there’s a lot of Free Printable ideas on it. Pinterest is like a huge library online, you just type in the Search box and they will give you a lot of links in the internet.

The top three free printable Mother’s Day Cards that you can print. Just Click the "click here" below the picture above.
5. Long Distance Surprise

Sometimes it’s really hard to give some love to our love ones when we are so far from them, but distance doesn’t matter. I saw a blog post on one of my favorite bloggers about this online gift certificate retail website in the Philippines where you can shop gift certificates from over 50 of Manila's well-loved local and international establishments. And this is Gifted.Ph, one of the nicest thing about this online store is that you can make your own greetings and designs on it. You can choose your own coupons from different kinds of stores. And they will send the coupons to the one you are giving it with. See their website to find out more. https://gifted.ph/ 

 I hope you like my Top 5 ideas and promos that i searched and hoping also that you get inspired, Happy mother's Day to all mothers in the world.. ^^
To my mom Luz Amil Actub and to my sister Neahven Grace Actub Alviar. i love you both and happy mothers day.

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