Talk 101: how to battle stress

It's my first blog post to have a 101 Talk regarding life and everything. So for my first blog talk is about how to battle from stress or how to overcome stress.

Stress is always been a part of human life, there's no human that never experience stress from small things to difficult one. I admit that i experience a lot of stress when I'm stock in life, Like looking for a job for almost two months and still nothing, or like a financial problem that keeps on pulling me down or even my relationships that no matter how things i work out still it drives me crazy. Stress comes from different kinds of ways, sometimes you will never know that it hunts you down.

There are a lot of people that can't handle stress that's why they decided to choose the escape plan. What is the escape plan?

It's either from being an Alcoholic addict, drug addict or even doing things that is not good just to solve the problem. Well you're not solving a problem your making a new problem. I have a lot of stress in my life, but i have this attitude to look for the positiveness in order to overcome the stress.

So let me share with you on how to overcome the stress that your feeling right now.

First things first, you need to turn off everything, and give more time to your self. You need to re-charge yourself so that the positive aura will come into you. You are not a superman or wonder woman to handle everything at the same time.

Yoga, a perfect balance to your self. Grab your yoga mat and meditate, it will help you to calm your mind and your body and also help your spiritual being to have a perfect balance.

Why Yoga? when everything is turn off , you can't hear anything except yourself. Yoga with meditation will help you think clearly what's everything going on. And it will help you to focus and make your brain calm. Do you feel the feeling that when you are in a crowded place or listening to something and your thinking a lot of problems your brain will totally hurt. Well i already feel that one, it hurts when i'm over thinking of something with those noisy sounds that surrounds me that leads me to stress.

And after Yoga with meditation you can have warm drink like tea, or coffee or even your fruit juice with a perfect positive music and scented candles. Take time to sip your drink feel the taste of your drink. Sometimes we are always in a hurry like we have always a deadline for everything, that we might forget to take care of ourselves and we forget to remember how to take things slowly and have a deep breath. Have a good inhale and exhale while drinking your drink.

And don't forget to have a fun time with your self, it's like bonding with your own self. When I'm alone, i always make time to relax like reading, watching movies or playing games. It help me to be motivated and to be stress free. It's like a good tool to get away from stress.

Being stress leads to many things, depression and even more, If you feel like you are the most unlucky person in the world, well don't think like that because you are special and everything happens at the right time, maybe its not the right time for you.Don't rush. appreciate every moment of your time because there's no going back. Everyone is unique in their own ways. If you don't feel love  to a person that you want the most, hey! there's someone out there who love and accept you the most, never feel like it's the end of the world because there's always tomorrow to change for the better. And if you feel like hopeless, well always remember that God never give us trials that we can't survive.Small solution can lead to ultimate solution. Example like your broke for a month and your salary will be next month and your so stress with everything, how can you survive? Use your available resources, if you have a refrigerator and a water make an ice water and sell it in your own home. On that way still you have something, who knows you might earn a lot of this without knowing.

See? in order to overcome stress you need to turn off everything and slowdown and keep calm literally. This way you can clear your heads and think of better solution. Give time more to your self, because it's the only way to get rid of your stress.  

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