Pattaya Floating Market

It's been a while that me and my other half haven't done any day tour date, so we decided to visit one of the tourist spot here in Pattaya, Thailand.  He was not that excited I guess maybe because its his trillion times to visit on that place. But ohemgeeee! I don't care, hehe.. its my first time to see a floating market.

Pattaya Floating Market is situated in 451/304 Moo 12, Sukhumvi-Road Pattaya Nongprue, Banglamung. We went there like 2:00pm, and it was totally hot. Just a piece of advice on going there wear something comfortable and easy to twist your body around.

I have my expectations on what will I see on that place and so many things. But when we got there, only 30% of my expectations were meet ^___________^

When we arrived at the Floating Market they have an Entrance Fee of 200 THB for Foreigners and I think when you are a Thai or pretending to be one you will have a discount, aside from the Entrance Fee they also give one free bottle of water. 

Pattaya Floating Market is one of the major tourist attractions in Pattaya, when we got there there's a lot of tourist especially Koreans and Chinese.

Pattaya Floating Market is like a vintage, classic, old style of market that shows the different culture of the four regions of Thailand.

Obviously the name of the place defines what kind of market it is. It floats and there are also vendors selling goods and foods in a small wooden boat.

Don't expect that the water in Floating Market is clear, it is not. According to my boyfriend it is a man-made, it is not a river or neither a lake. 

Pattaya Floating Market is the largest floating attraction in East of Thailand. 

The market sells everything i think from clothes to bags to shoes to foods and etc. and of course you can find a very nice piece of souvenirs in the market. The prices are very reasonable so no need to panic that you might not have enough money to do shopping. 

Inside the floating market you can see a lot of talented Entertainers and I was so lucky to see very closely "Jack Sparrow". He really look like the same Jack Sparrow.

Talking about expectations, I was actually expecting like it is really a tourist spot like there is a floating park, mini shows and mini rides. But when we go inside  I was really amazed how beautiful the floating market is, I pictured in my imagination the community of Thailand in the olden times it's like i'm in a Historical museum. But Floating Market is literally a "market". 99% of what you will see inside the Floating Market is shops, vendors, restaurants and boats. So when you have a plan on visiting the place expect that there are only three things that you can do, shop, eat and take selfie. ^____^

One of the things that really caught my attention is the painting in the ceiling, it really defines the story of Thailand. I like the combination of colors and it's patterns it's really attractive to the eyes.

Majority in Floating Market is made of wood, and it's a good thing that you will wear your comfy flats or shoes.

They also have a hanging bridge that really test your faith on yourselves. It was really scary at first step that you might fall into the water, but you need to conquer your fear sometimes. 

At the end of the day it's still me and him who really enjoy our mini adventure date. I hope you got some ideas in my travel excursion.

Have a nice wonderful day. ^^ <3<3<3

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