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Good Day readers, ^_____^

Even when I was a kid, I really love to write anything that comes out of my brain, when I was in high school I started to write stories but before the ending part comes, I start a new stories. Lol. So meaning all the stories I wrote has no endings. 

But anyways, when I found out about "blogging" I am so interested to have one, I jumped from one blog host to another one, and now I proudly say that I'm happy with my new Blogspot family. Today, I want to share with you my Writing tools favorites :D.

First things first, before I start writing or even going to work I always drink my cup of coffee, when I was in high school I'm a coffee addict, I can drink four cups in one day,. I secretly drink coffee from my mom, she always scolded me when she caught me on the act. Well I truly understand her, drinking coffee at a young age is not a good one. But when I grew up I manage and control myself. 

When I was in Philippines I normally bought my school or Art supplies at National bookstore, but when I'm here in Thailand, i need to locate a store which sells cheap but good quality. So luckily I discovered Silpaban and Daiso Japan with the help of course of my friends here. 

There's a lot of Silpaban outlets in Pattaya, I know there is one in Nak Luea and near in my apartment in Pattaya Klang, I don't have any idea if there's a store in Bangkok or anywhere. The store is not that fancy to look at when you compare it to those bookstore inside the malls, but what I like about in Silpaban  anything  that you're looking for is inside the store, with a very cheap prices and good quality. Daiso Japan, was originated obviously in Japan, Daiso Japan is everywhere in the country I think because there is a Daiso Japan in the Philippines, especially in my hometown it is in Ayala Centrio Mall and Limketkai Mall. Here in Pattaya, Thailand Daiso Japan is in Central Festival mall. What I like in Daiso Japan is that everything is only THB 60.00. From School supplies to personal supplies to kitchen supplies to DIY supplies. 

Honestly speaking, I don't have a desk, hehehe.. ^_____^. I just write anything at anywhere. I really wanted to have a desk but I don't have any space in my apartment. 

It boost my energy and inspiration when I see that my nails are the cutest of them all. And thank you to Beauty Buffet Shop for this ice cream colors.

When I start writing or doing my other jobs, I always have in me my Notebooks, Colorful Pens, Correction Ink, Highlighter and Sticky Notes. I choose my things in terms of colors the more colorful they are the more positive vibes I feel. My planner has always been with me where ever I go, maybe that's why i preferred to use huge or large handbag because I have so many things to bring where ever I go. I started to used planner when i was in high school, because the main reason is that I tend to forget other things due to my busy sched. And the second reason is that I want to be organized and plan ahead of time all the task and events that I need to attend to. 

The longest hours that I'm facing with my laptop is four hours, and during that time my stomach are starting to rebel. So I make sure to have a food beside me or available inside the fridge. 

When I'm out of ideas I normally visited my account in Pinterest, they are like fairy god mothers to me, giving me a lot of inspiration. Don't forget to visit my account

June is where the everyone starts going to school, so I hope you get some ideas in my working space. How about you? what is your favorite school supply that you can't live without?

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