A blogger's First experience

As a newbie or sort of a long time blogger also wish to be invited in prestigious fashion show with top brands in the world. Luckily, Pattaya, Thailand hosted an International Autumn-Winter Fashion week.

I already seen a fashion show before in my child hood years but its not like those fashion show with real models and top brands. Pattaya, Thailand hosted a big fashion show for the top brands of Thailand. It is a three days event, 40 International and Thai models and 15 top brands. When i heard about it a month before the event i was so trilled to be part of it or at least to see what it looks like. I only watched Runway shows in Youtube with top and amazing brands. So I researched all the information regarding with this event. It's gonna be my first.

Two days before the event I already invited my friends to join me to watch the said event. At first there are hesitant because they have some important matters to attend to on that the same day, but whether I'm gonna be alone i will still go. It's only once in a lifetime and you will not know when is the next time. A day to go for the biggest day, my boyfriend asked me on what I'm going to use for capturing photos on the runway, well i don't have a DSLR camera so obviously it will be my Tablet.

My boyfriend have a Canon DSLR camera but he haven't used it for more than one year because the lens was broken. So on the day that he asked me what i'm going to use to shoot for photos, we decided to buy a new lens for the camera (pity me. LOL). The day arrived, and i don't know what to wear, but i realized that it's an open fashion show and everyone is free to watch, so it's not likely any private event. So i just decided to wear something comfortable but with my style. Me and my boyfriend went out 2 hours before the event to start, because we need to buy a new lens. We go first to a bank to withdraw some money, and headed to another mall expecting that we will buy the lens there, But unfortunately there is no lens for Canon Camera, so we headed again to the biggest shopping mall in Pattaya and their  we bought the lens.

I am actually late for the event, not late but very late. My friends are already there at Royal Garden Plaza where the event took place. So, before me and my boyfriend went out from our apartment i watched a bit in Youtube on how to set the best settings for Runway show, everything is on the spot on that time. When we arrived at the exact venue, we are really late we just caught the last part of the show. And i was so dissapointed on that time.

Luckily there is a second show on Central Festival Mall and we have a 1 hour to wait before the show. Well, God is good all the time. I was so happy that we saw the entire Runway show. And took some photos. On that day they only show four brands, because they need to divide the 15 brands for three days event. The four brands i saw were AIIZ, Dorothy Perkins, Levi's and Guess

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How about you? What is your first experience in your field? ^______^

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