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Once a week in a girl’s life we like to treat ourselves and do some relaxing beauty treat for our face and skin. Others they go to Salon and Spa, some girls buy beauty products to make their own spa at home. Few are having a hard time because they don’t have enough budget to go to Salon or Spa. But don’t worry, treating our skin and face once a week or twice a month doesn’t need to spend a lot. That’s why I have a DIY face mask and scrub idea.

DIY or Do-it-yourself is a very cheap and easy way of pampering our self from a stressful days. And also to those who have no budget to go to a Spa. These ideas is not so hard to prepare, where in fact the things that we needed is already in our kitchen.

1.       DIY Oatmeal Mask

1.       Oats can soothe a natural sunburn and good for gentle exfoliant
2.       Honey is good for cleansing and antibacterial, it also have an antioxidant properties
3.       Grind rice for great exfoliation and getting rid dead skin cells

1.       Oatmeal
2.       Water
3.       Grind rice 
4.       Honey


2. DIY Cellulite – reducing Scrub

1.       Caffeine tightens the skin and reduce cellulite and exfoliate the skin
2.       Olive Oil gives a great softness to the skin

1.       Coffee Grounds
2.       Olive oil


And that’s are all my three DIY Face mask and scrub, that is very easy and simple. Remember, according to my favorite Beauty expert Michelle Phan.
“Don’t fight against how your body is made, we’re all built differently. A healthy body is a beautiful body. Embrace it and love it.” 

Video by Michelle Phan

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