Being Updated

When we see a new trend in fashion in social media or in the TV or even when we just hang-out in a coffee shop, we want to buy that new trending piece of style. I am guilty of that, every time I browse my social media accounts, i saw those beautiful looks and style. And i can't help myself but wanting to buy one. But i always make sure to control my self because i need to balance everything. Nowadays I've sen a lot of Off-shoulder looks in social media, and I want to try also for myself.


Being updated in all "uso" (new style or trendy clothes) doesn't mean you really need to buy the most expensive one, be resourceful. There are good quality and good style in a Thrifty shop or in just a small boutique.

Remember your money doesn't end on buying those fancy clothes. your money is your savior in the future better needs. But i don't say don't buy clothes that you wanted but i say look out the outside from your comfort zone be resourceful. Expensive or not the most important is that you balance everything and you will not suffer in the future..^^

Off-shoulder by Thrift Shop
Skirt from Pratunam Fashion Market
White Sandal by what-ever-store

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