Oreo Truffles (NO-Bake)

I have a sweet tooth, and I go for dessert first than the main course. It's my dream to have a shop full of different kinds of sweets. But I have this problem, my passion for making desserts, are only limited because of limited resources. I mean i don't have an oven or baking tools. But don't worry we have a lot of kinds of desserts that doesn't required baking. ^^. I want to share with you one of my favorite truffles that is made of Oreo.

Oreo Truffles is so easy to make, you only need three ingredients. It is no brainier, you can also make this with your kids, it is surely a fun activity.


Cream Cheese

Melted Chocolate and White Candy chocolate

1. First thing to do is you need to crushed all the Oreo cookies, it's up to you what Oreo flavor you want. For me, I'm using the vanilla flavor.

You can crushed your Oreo in a food processor if you have one, or if you don't have crushed it in a non-glass bowl. ^^. And don't forget to save few Oreo crumbs for garnishing later.

2. Next Step is put the cream cheese in the crushed Oreo, and this part you are going to mix the cream cheese and Oreo using your clean hands.

Massage the Oreo and the cream cheese together until they will look like the picture above

3. Get some small amount of Oreo and roll it in an inch ball.

And place it in your container, make a space in between in your Oreo balls. After rolling all the Oreo into a balls, put them in the freezer for 15 minutes, this is to make the Oreo balls firm.

4. After 15 minutes, the last procedure in our Oreo Truffles is to dumped the balls in our favorite melted Chocolate and White Candy Bar. Submerged the ball into the melted chocolate or white, then bring it up using the fork. Then sprinkle it with Oreo Crumbs the one that you saved a while ago.

Ta daaaaaah! Our so easy Oreo Truffles, It so yummy and irresistible. You can share it with your friends and I know some of your kids will asked for more.^^

I hope you enjoy reading this Sweet tooth recipe for today. ^^
If you want more sweet delicious dessert recipe, ^^ please comment below. Thanks

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