Life in a Jungle

Last Sunday me and my travel buddy boyfriend went on a zoo near Pattaya, Thailand. And I was so excited to visit the zoo, maybe because I haven’t been to a zoo. And I wore something comfortable and easy to walk around the area.

When you are visiting a certain place make sure to wear something appropriate on that place. Like, you can’t wear a jeans on a gala, or wear some flats or lowered heels on a place that has more walking activities. When we visited the zoo, I wore my romper layered with a denim vest. I love how my romper helped me to move easily in the zoo especially the hot weather was super overwhelming.

Zoo is like a museum showing a small part of a life in a jungle. I wish that in the future I can visit a real jungle and discover the beauty on it. ^^

Romper from a bazar
Denim Vest by Bershka
Brown flats from Bata

I hope you like my outfit, and if you have suggestions or comments, please do write below I’m happy to answer it for you. ^^

<3<3<3 kisses

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