My Armor and my Shield (Sunscreen)

If you are living in a country that is not very hot, good for you, but if you live in a country that is always Summer, be prepared. I’m currently living in two countries right now Philippines and Thailand. But I was born and grew up in Philippines and I’m a Filipino citizen but I’m staying in Thailand for work. So basically I’m always living like always Summer.

So I always make sure that I’m protected with the harmful Ultra Violet Rays. Did you know that the atmosphere in the earth right now is oxidizing atmosphere as what chemist called it. In particular, it probably did not contain oxygen.  

Ultra Violet Rays can damaged our skin and increase a possibility of skin cancer, too much sun exposure can accumulate 90% of wrinkles and we will just notice it after 20 to 30 years. So, there are two kinds of Ultra Violet Rays, UVA and UVB. UVA or Ultra Violet A Ray has a long wave and responsible for active skin damage and early sign of aging. UVB or Ultra Violet B Ray has a short wave and it is responsible for sunburn and tanning.

To protect ourselves from all these damaging skin exposure we must have an armor and a shield. I don’t mean literally but I mean using Sunscreen with better SPF. SPF or Sun Protection Factor, protects us from the UVB rays and it also have different kinds of numbers, those SPF numbers means how long the product with SPF last. Below is the chart of SPF numbers and its corresponding time.

Aside from SPF we also have PA. PA or UVA Protection, PA + is the least amount, PA ++ is the medium amount and the PA +++ is the most amount.

So listed below some Sunscreen that you can buy at any drugstore. The sunscreen below are my personal choice. You can purchase them in Watsons. 

I hope you learn something from Beauty blog post for today, and if you have any reactions or suggestions or comments, please write it below. ^^

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