Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Travel is one of the best thing i want to do as much as possible. Since i was a kid i know that i love to travel wherever and whenever. I am so lucky at a young age I am already given an opportunity to travel, not that much but enough to experience. Last Sunday, me and my boyfriend decided to visit a zoo near in the city, it's not only a zoo but it's a Tiger zoo.

When you asked me what is my favorite animal or pet? i would say cat. I love cat and all the family of the cat, maybe because there are part of them that i can relate too like being sweet. And i was so excited to see a Tiger and what it really looks like to see in person. 

This is the Ticketing booth of the Zoo, you will find it easily because it's in the front. The ticket includes all the shows inside the zoo, and that's what makes me happy. Because there are some zoo that you need to pay extra to see their animal shows.

We arrived at the Zoo around 9:00 A.M, because we got lost on locating the zoo. I expected that there's a lot of people and tourist since it's Sunday, and Sunday is a family day. But when we arrived good thing that the zoo is not that populated. 
The first thing we do at the zoo is to see a cub and took a photo with it. I am definitely excited to hold a baby tiger. It is so cute, it's just like a cat, oh gosh! i love cat.

We roamed around first at the zoo to see what's inside, because the first show is not  yet open. They have four animals show, Crocodile, Tiger, Pig, and Elephant. 

This is the first animal that i saw in the zoo, I'm not quite really sure what is this animal but i think it's Camel. LoL. There is no signboard so I'm just guessing. If it's really a camel, I was really amazed because it's really big, i just saw camels at the movie at the dessert. 

After walking around the zoo we go ahead to the Crocodile Show. 

Below is a video at the Crocodile show. Be sure to watch until the end because the exciting part is at the end. 

This show really hold my breath, I mean the trainer really put their lives in danger. Maybe they know what they really doing but some of the acts is quite dangerous. It is such a nice show and a must see. At first i'm not interested to see the Crocodile show because i already saw a crocodiles before and i know that they don't move too much. But the show changes everything i was really amazed and i do admit i had so mch fun. 

So we need to wait another more hour for the Tiger Show, so we just roamed around again and explore the beauty of the zoo. 

Finally, in my entire stay at Thailand i saw an Elephant in real life. Well, it's not what i expected, it's not so gigantic but i am so happy for my self that i saw an elephant, that i never thought i will saw in person. 

And after all the killing time moment, finally the show for tigers is open. I never thought that the place will be full but indeed it was. Good thing we arrived at the mini stadium first so we are able to sat at the front row. 

I was very happy to see those tigers in a closer look, i thought there are gigantic like in the movies and cartoons but there aren't. I also took a video on that show so please watch the video below.

So that's are all our adventure at Sriracha Tiger Zoo, and i want also to make some comments and reactions and suggestions to the zoo. So i will not elaborate more, the place is totally big and wide, and totally nice, there's a lot of animal statues that really caught my attention. One thing that i'm expecting that doesn't reached my expectation was there are only less than 10 animals in the Zoo, maybe because it's a tiger zoo so basically they don't have a lot of animals. Another thing is that i felt pity on the tigers during the Tiger Show because the trainer smash a stick to the tiger but not that hard just to scare the tiger and follow his order.  And if you want to go to the zoo, don't missed not to watch the Crocodile Show it is so much fun and breathtaking. I think i enjoyed a lot in the Crocodile show than the Tiger Show.

To go to there website, click HERE.
Entrance is 450 THB for adult foreigners.

I hope you enjoy reading and watching my travel adventure and hope that you will also read some of my post. ^^

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