My Top Five Thai Foods

I am living here in Thailand for 1 year now, and I admit that their culture is unique. One thing that you can describe the Thai people is that they are very generous to everyone especially with foods. Maybe that is also one of the reasons that I really gained weight because my Thai friends always feed me. ^^. And some foreigners also said that they love the foods in Thailand rather in the Philippines because of the spices. There are a lot of spices in Thailand rather than in the Philippines.

I want to share with you my top five favorite Thai Food as of now.

1.       Moo Katyam and Moo Krub

Moo Katyam

Moo means pork in Thai Language. These are the first foods that I ate in Thailand, and these are also the foods that I always ordered when we ate at a small restaurants. If you are a new expat in Thailand and you are having a doubt to try their delicacies better order one of these two. It is the safest foods to order. What I love about the Moo Katyam and Moo krub is that it is a fried sauté pork mix with spices, the smell is so perfect and so tempting to eat.

2.       Tom yum

When you like soup better try their Tomyam soup with seafoods. At first I really don’t like to try this one because of the color of the soup, it’s like orange red and it is spicy. And I don’t like too much spicy foods because I can’t take it. But when I tried it first at Bon CafĂ© Restaurant in Naklua Road, I was so amazed that it really taste good. The taste is like sweet with sour, and there are a lots of different seafood meat in the soup. You can also advice the waiter that your Tomyam soup is a little bit spicy, it taste delicious when it has a little bit of spicy or if you like too much spicy.

3.       Deep - Fried Marinated Snapper with Sweet Fish Sauce and Deep- Fried Shrimp Cake

Deep -Fried Marinated Snapper

Deep- Fried Shrimp Cake

I really don’t know if Deep Fried Snapper and fried shrimp cake are originally Thai cuisine but I ate that style of cooking and taste first time here in Thailand. Talking about Fried Fish Thai style, the fish is really big, it’s good for four person. And the meat of the fish is really soft in your palette. And the sauce is so delicious that is really fit for the fish. The deep fried shrimp cake, I love the crust of the shrimps and it is more delicious when you dip it into its own sauce. I highly recommend to eat this two at the restaurant at Pattaya Klang Road in front of Foodland.

4.       Penang Gai

I just recently included Penang in my top favorite list of Thai foods. When i want to eat something, i look at first at the picture of the food because sometimes i stick first on the picture before i ordered it. What I love about Penang chicken is the sticky sauce on it and it is really yummy when you pour it in to your rice. It has a spicy taste and the texture of the taste is like a curry, but it's not a curry. 

5. Pad Thai

When you compare it to the Philippines, it's like the Filipino delicacy Pancit, but what's make it different somehow in Thailand is that the noodles itself and their is an scrambled egg also a bean sprout. Well, i don't eat bean sprout before but recently i adopted the taste, i like how it sounds when i chew the bean sprout. (sounds weird, but i like it).Pad Thai is over all delicious. 

There's a lot of Thai Restaurant all over the world, you can eat Thai foods even though you're not in Thailand. And if you are in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines there is a Restaurant called "Thai Me Up" and if you want to dine in their restaurant try to look this foods in their menu, if they have, try one of these foods and you'll never regret it.

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