My own Boho - Chic

Have you been wondering what is that Boho-chic? Boho means Bohemian, or Bohemian Style. I observed that there are some women or fashionista had been embracing the style of Boho. I tried it for myself and I am satisfied with my Boho - chic look.

A short knowledge of Boho - chic, it started actually in the 90’s and had been revived time to time. Boho – chic style is like a hippie and a touched of Bohemian. It has been popular in England when Sienna Miller and Kate Moss started dressing up Boho-chic, and Mary Kate Olsen in United States. So, there’s a lot of elements that had been added in the late 1960’s and it became trendier

How to achieve those Boho- chic look? I listed 12 must have to be that stunning Boho –chic on you.

1.      Maxi Skirt

 2.       Neutral – colored Ankle Boots

3.       Printed Maxi dress or dress

4.       Gladiator Sandal

5.       Knit cardigans and sweaters

6.       Floppy brimmed hat

7.       Geometric or eye catching prints

8.       Chunky Earth Jewelry

9.       Hippie Chic Purse

10.   Versatile Vest

11.   Flared Jeans

12.   Over sized, Pattern Scarf and Turban 

What do you think about my own Boho- chic style? ^^ I hope you find some ideas on how to look those Bohemian Chic in my post. ^^ 

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