Your Boyfriend's Jeans

They say a man's clothes is only for man, and for women is for women. But the world is changing right now, a woman can do whatever the man does. Am I making sense, there's a lot of women right now who achieved beyond the men's achievements. Women in congress even being a President, also there's a lot of women who are successful in their fields.

I'm an open minded person and i don't judge people based on what they wear, because as what they says " don't judge the book on it's cover". When i was in high school I already have a lesbian best friend till at the present i have a lot of lesbian and gay friends. In my own experience with them, they are not different as what other says, they are still the same as everyone. They are still human with heart they just have different preferences. Sometimes people criticize others based on their looks, but actually they don't really know the person's personality behind those clothes.

It's so disappointing when others keep on judging those lesbian and gays or even make names with them just to insult them. HAVE THEY FORGOTTEN THE WORDS OF GOD, TO LOVE EACH ONE ANOTHER NO MATTER WHAT THEY LOOK, SITUATION OR STATUS IN LIFE.  It's not about what they are, it's about who they are. There are capable of loving, forgiving and etc., let see first ourselves in the mirror, if we are really a good or great person, before we judge others.

Midriff Top from a boutique
Boyfriend's jeans from Levis
White Sandal from What-ever Store

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