Make-up Tools for Begginers

As I promised at my last Beauty blog post "My Make-up drugstore products." i would like to continue my make-up tips and ideas for beginners like me. After you have your make-up what's next for you need to have or at least have? Obviously your make-up tools.

I don't have a bunch or a box full of brushes and tools for make-up i only have few and the basic one that i mostly used and needed. Maybe if i have a beauty make-up business i need to buy all necessary brushes for my client but i'm just any ordinary beginner who uses make-up. So let me share my tools with you.

1. Eyebrow brush - i don't have a perfect eyebrows sometimes i'm lazy to shape it that's why i keep it all together with my eyebrow brush. I don't actually buy high - end eyebrow brushes, i just buy a good brush.

2. Crest and Blending Brush is the same, but for professional they used different blending and crest brush. For me i only used one as a crest and blending for my eye shadow. You can also buy a blending brush in any drugstore. For me i'm using the Blending brush from Urban decay.

3. Eye Shadow Lid brush, from the Urban Decay and the one is from Watson. You need actually to have an Eye Shadow Lid brush for your lid Eye part. It's actually ok to use your middle finger for this, but if you don't want to messed up with your fingers you can buy one.

4. For Liquid Foundation, most women used foundation brushes, but i am using Make-up Sponge. Before I'm using a Foundation brush but it not worked well with my face. Cause every time i brush upward my foundation in my face there's a line stroke of the brush. I don't know if it is because of the brush or because of the foundation itself or my skin. But when i discover the amazing wonders of sponge it works totally alright with my skin. I just pat one at a time the foundation in my skin and blend it out. I used a Make-up sponge from Watson.

5. For contouring and blush. i used a a Foundation brush, I know it;'s foundation and it's not for contouring but you need to be creative and resourceful. I just hold the brush bristles and control the size of it for my facial contour. and that's it i managed to have a contour brush out from my foundation brush it's also the same for my blush.

And that's are all my Make-up tools, it's actually very few but it's very basic when it comes to beginner. So no need to spend a lot of money for brush if you are just practicing, or if you really want to try out those specific brushes for specific make-up you can try first the drugstore make-up tools or if you really want to spend you can try high- end tools.

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