By the Garden

We actually move out from our old apartment and transfer to a new improve condominium in Lumpini. It's actually a new experience for us with my boyfriend.  From the landscape, facilities and amenities to the room itself.

I do love the landscape area of Lumpini, it's so private and the safety is secured. I had a thing with their landscape maybe because it's a new experience for me as a blogger for a fashion or outfit shoot to have a better and beautiful back ground. There are two Lumpini condominium in Pattaya, one is in Naklua and the other one is in Sukhumvit Road. We stayed at the Sukhumvit Road the outdoor area is not that wide compare to Naklua but still their garden is amazing.

Even in the Philippines in my hometown, we had a little garden around our house. My mother love the plants and the flowers, and if sometimes she's out and asked me to shower the plants and i tend to forget she will get mad at me. LOL. I actually appreciate the beauty of garden it's so relaxing and refreshing, specially when you are living in a city that is so noisy and polluted.

This is actually my first time to roam around the area of Lumpini, though we had been here for two weeks now, Because of my busy days, finally i get the chance to walk around. Outdoor outfit in a casual days, i like to wear comfortable but chic, great outfit is my Romper i can easily walk around and take some photos of my outfit.

Romper from a Boutique
Denim blue from a Boutique
White Sandal from Bata.

How about you? What is your favorite spot outside in your house or home? Share it with me just comment below.

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                                                                                       Floral Romper              Denim Longsleeve

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