Room Club: The Bed Suite

I usually seldom appreciate a hotel's designs and style, because most of the hotels don't have any creative designs they just stick to a monochromatic color and cleanliness, but there are few that i really appreciate from the smallest designs to the huge one.

My previous employment here in Pattaya, Thailand was in Room Club: The Bed Suite at Dongtan Beach in Jomtien. It is not a 5 star hotel or neither a 4 star hotel it's only a boutique hotel owned by Khun Lekkie and the other two i haven't met. The hotel is not that big as you picture in other boutique hotels, they have three buildings separate each other because of the location. The three buildings is not that fancy to tell the truth the buildings are from the oldest to the newest. It doesn't have an elevator only stairs and not wide as you imagine it's just a small boutique hotel. But what makes this hotel special? I myself i actually appreciate the beauty in it, Do you know what? The classic and stylish Room Designs and the idea of the amenities like the Jacuzzi inside the room itself.

According to Khun Lekkie, she was the one who design the rooms look and even the interior design  of it. I have my top 5 favorites in this hotel.

1. I actually love the rooms in Building A & B, because it's a new building and the interior design is classic and cultural and i feel like i'm in Greece.
2. There's a room in Building A & B which has an extra wide space of bathroom, it's my first time actually to saw a super wide bathroom the space is like a normal room size of a teen age girl. 
3. It is one step away from the Dongtan Beach, because the hotel is facing at the beach.
4. The Thai foods are very delicious.
5. You can negotiate fairly the room rates. 

A short information about Dongtan Beach, it's actually a "GAY BEACH" so obviously 80% of the tourist in Dongtan Beach are gays. But there are also some straight and family tourist who visit the beach. Well,for me Dongtan Beach is way more better than the Beach Road Pattaya because of the privacy. Beach Road Pattaya is noisy because it is in line with the main road, while Dongtan Beach is a private beach so no transportations coming in and out in the beach. So if you want some privacy during your beach staycation  choose Dongtan Beach but if you preferred a beach that is a one step away to the main road and malls go for Beach Road Pattaya.

I actually created the Board Sign.

If you want to visit the website of Room Club: The Bed Suite you can visit them in .  And if you have questions about the hotel please comment below. Have a relaxing Sunday everyone. 

Photos taken by: Martin Robles and Chris Santiago

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