My scarf in 5 ways

There are so many blog post lately about the amazing wonders of what scarf can do. And as for myself i would like also to make a five ways of how to wear your scarf in important occasion.

Scarf is also a fashion accessories that mostly used by women. Specially those place in a very cold weather. Scarf makes their life easy, it gives them warm in a very bad cold weather. But Scarf can also used in a hot and humid country as a fashion or accessories or even add a glamour to your outfit. I'm lately loving the wonders of Scarf can do,when i was a kid i thought scarf is just to hang around your neck but actually you can style it in so many ways where ever you go. So without taking it so long, let the styling scarf begin.

1. Non Formal event

When you don't want to buy a new dress for a one time event, scarf can make a new outfit for you


2. Cover up

If you are out of budget for those party beside the pool or a barbecue party by the beach, and you don't want to buy a new outfit you can absolutely style your scarf. Pairing with your swim wear and shorts, skirts or beach trouser or anything.

3. Meeting

Meeting or office work should not be boring. You can style your outfit with a scarf.

4. School days

Are you tired of looking yourself in the mirror wearing your school uniform? Actually this style look great with slacks, trouser or pants uniform.

5. Style your bag.

Scarf can also be used for your bag to look great and more stylish.

I hope you like my five ways of wearing styled Scarf. And i hope that it also give you so much inspirations when you feel like you look boring. Adding a touched up scarf will make a total great different look on your everyday outfit.

Do you have a way of styling your scarf? Tell me about it. Just comment below. And i love you all my viewers, followers and readers. Keep inspired.

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