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Others think that women with no make-up is a true example of beauty, well some men also think about this. And i do salute those women or men who believe on that perception, its the beauty with in is the most important. But wearing make-up is also my thing.

I do admit that since i was a young lady i already appreciate the beauty of make-up. For me wearing Make-up makes me more confident, and unexplained feeling of beauty appreciation in me. Maybe because my mom never goes out in our house without lipstick on or light make-up. I always wanted to try some of it. Elementary days i already started using make-up when there's an event in school, sometimes my mom did it for me, sometimes i do it for myself until high-school. When i was in college i started using liquid eyeliner, foundation, and lipstick. And it goes on and on. I never go out without my eyeliner. I also watched Youtube videos for make-up tutorials and its kinda hard to learned everything in an overnight marathon. It takes time but day by day i learned so many things about applying make-up techniques, basics and information about make-up products. And recently i also followed some professional Youtube Make-up Bloggers and they really do inspires me a lot. I also consider myself as a beginner even though i started using make-up since a kid, i am a beginner when it comes to professionalism. Most women used high-end make-up products and tools specially if their job is in line with make-up. But for those lady or women like me who always make budgets, or a students like you or a girl who wanted to start from the basic, i used drugstore make-up. When you say drugstore make-up these are products that can be bought mostly in drugstore. So, for my first Make-up blog post i would like to share my Drugstore make-up that i usually used in my everyday make-up and sometimes in special events. And surely it will help you also, to decide what make-up drugstore you can use if you are just starting. Some of my make-up drugstore can be bought in WATSON.

1. For my eyebrows, i used CUTE PRESS JET SET and ASHLEY BROWN.

I don't mind using the very cheap eyebrow pencil as long as the color fit me and i'm good with it. Most professional used eyebrow matte. But as what I've said I'm on a budget.

2. Eye shadow, if i have a lot of time to prepare before i step out in my house i always put some eye shadow. Most of the time I'm using a NAKED 2 URBAN DECAY.

I know that NAKED 2 is not a drugstore make-up but this palette really helps me a lot with so many nude color options. But for the drugstore make-up eye shadow i used MAYBELLINE PALETTE and the other one is not a drugstore its a brand in Thailand BEAUTY COTTAGE COLOR BLOOM.

3. And for my favorite part is my liquid eyeliner, I used a MAYBELLINE HYPER GLOSSY LIQUID LINER.

Others used eyeliner pencil but i love using liquid eyeliner because it gives me a solid line color rather than pencil. I also have a technique on how to use a liquid eyeliner, and i'm going to write about it in my next blog post so better keep posted.

4. Concealer. I don't know who has a perfect skin in the world, but luckily i don't have visible problems with my face skin, but it doesn't mean that my skin is perfect, i also have imperfections but its not quite visible. But still i'm using a concealer to hide some dark circles under my eyes or to highlight my upper chicks. I'm using the MAYBELLINE CLEAR SMOOTH SHINE FREE CLEAR STICK.

I've tried a lot of concealer before but nothing works for me, and then i found the Maybelline Concealer stick. It's not liquid so it will not make any messed in my face when i blend it with my face or melt under the sun. It works for me specially i have no car or I'm usually outside.


I love to highlight my upper checks to have a fair glow. But i don't want to spend another money just to have a blending highlighter which is quite expensive by the way. So i decided to use two liquid foundations, Maybelline dream liquid mousse is for my skin color and Loreal le teint true match is for my upper check and the T zone part to highlight. What i loved about these foundations is that they have a Sun Protection. As i said on my Beauty post that i always used products with SPF this to protect me from harmful sun rays. After using liquid foundation i used a Revlon loose powder to cover up a little bit my liquid foundation. And it will not get sticky in my face and it will hold for a long time.

6. Contour, i just recently used these basic application. I don't used it before because i don't know how to apply but as for many times that i'm watching Youtube how to, i certainly learned. For contouring my face i used the DEA POWDER and CUTE PRESS COLOR FANTASY SHADING AND HIGHLIGHTING POWDER

Dea is from my mother, she doesn't like it so i asked her if i can have it and she give it to me. Cute Press shading and high lighter, is a Thai brand in Thailand they actually have good products. What i like about it is that it has a two pressed powder. The dark one is for the contour and the white one is for the highlight. If you want to have glimpse in their products you can click the link HERE.

7. And finally for the lipstick, i used a lot of lipsticks but i actually want to have more.

Imperfections is beauty
Madness is genius
and its better to be
absolutely ridiculous
than absolutely boring
                                           -----Marilyn Monroe

And that are all my Drugstore Make-up, it's actually alright if you used high-end products. As long as you know to your self that you will not get broke after you bought it. Remember be wise in spending your money. But for me, if you are really a beginner try using the drugstore make-up first it's really good for practice and no regrets at all. Wearing make-up doesn't need to be stressful on what to buy, how many brushes to used or even the techniques in application
. For my next week blog post i will be writing about my make-up tools. And it is very effective, cheap but in good quality and i'll post also my Make-up video tutorial on my Everyday look using my make-up drugstore.

So how about you? What make-up drugstore you are using? Tell me about it and i'll be happy to learn from you. Just comment below.

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