Perfect Jeans for your Body type

 August had been so busy for me, I’m trying to adjust and manage my time between my new work, blogging and also making sure that my personal lifestyle is still on the go. It’s really a great day today to talk about the perfect jeans for your body type.

Well, honestly I just recently know about this information and knowledge about body type. And I’m so excited to share it with you. When I was a kid I always look for trendy jeans and I thought that it really looks good on me as long as the size fit me. But actually size is the second thing to worry about when looking for a nice jeans, the first thing that you will consider is your Body Type. Yes, you read it right, you’re body type. There are jeans that doesn’t look good on you because it contradicts on your body type or proportion.  

So below is a chart for common and basic body types also a tips on what jeans is perfect for you. I got the chart in Pinterest. And actually it helps me a lot and guide me to get the best perfect jeans for me.

For myself I do believe that I don’t have a perfect body and I think I have a boyish type of body but I’m not really 100% sure about it, because I’m confuse. So, I’ll just stick temporarily to Boyish type. I always wear skinny jeans this is to elongate my legs from my hips. Because my height length is not proportion, also I usually wear heels to make more an illusion for my legs to elongate. I am already tall but this situation makes me more even taller.

It's not about what size you wear 
It's about how you wear your 

Peplum top from Vania's Dresser
Skinny Jeans from Levi's Thailand
Platform heels from SM Philippines 

If you want to buy the same outfit? You can buy it at any ZALORA. Below is the sample from ZALORA PH. You can use my discount code and just click the caption below for the direct link. Thank you for reading my blog. And i love you all my viewers, followers and readers. Keep inspired.

                                                                                     Peplum Blue              Wash - off skinny jeans

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