Muang Boran (Ancient City)

It’s a long holiday week-end last month in Thailand, so normally private and public schools don’t have classes. I’m not working in a school anymore but my friend does. So anyways, this kind of long holidays a lot of people are traveling from one place to another, so it’s already expected that there are a lot of people anywhere I go. I don’t have plans for that holiday, but my friend and a blogger also invited me to an excursion in Samut Prakan, specifically Muang Boran or Ancient City.

It is actually a snap decision and planning, I guess unexpected plan are better than those years of planning but never happen, (LOL).

with one of my favorite friend and also she is a blogger you can check out her blog. Click HERE

What is Muang Boran?

Muang Boran is also known as an Ancient City, so obviously it is an old city in Thailand. it's a park constructed under the patronage of Lek Viriyaphant and spreading over 200 acres (0.81 km2) in the shape of Thailand.The founder's original idea was to create a golf course with miniatures of Thailand's historically significant structures spread around the course. During his research he found most structures being severely damaged over time and decided instead of creating new miniatures to save the original structures when possible or re-creating them full size or scaled down.

Ancient Siam is dubbed as the world's largest outdoor museum. Situated close to the Crocodile Farm in Samut Prakan province, the 320-hectare city features 116 structures of Thailand's famous monuments and architectural attractions. The grounds of Ancient Siam correspond roughly to the shape of the Kingdom, with each of the monuments lying at their correct places geographically. Some of the buildings are life-size replicas of existing or former sites, while others are scaled down.

How to get there?

Before the day of our adventure, we actually don’t know how to get there we only have few information in getting there and we stick to it, come what may. We arrived in Ekamai Bus Station and take a BTS train going to Bangna. The BTS cost from Ekamai to Bangna is THB 32.00. Then we took a taxi cab going to Muang Boran, Samut Prakan. Before you go inside the cab make sure that the driver knows the place because I read some blogs about their experiences on getting there and they got lost because the driver don’t have any idea. The night before the day we travel I also read that it takes one hour to arrive at the Ancient City. But on the day, it takes only 30 minutes. I don’t know how it happens. We only paid less than THB 200.00, because it’s a metered taxi. And I also used my Google map GPS on that time so that I know where the taxi driver taking us.

How much is the Entrance fee?

When you arrived at the Muang Boran, the entrance fee is THB 700.00 for Adult foreigner. I don’t know how much for kids and locals, you can check their website HERE. The entrance fee includes a bicycle and the other thing I forgot (sorry). They will also give you a map.

Where to eat?

When you are inside the Ancient City, the first thing you will look is a Restaurant or a canteen or any stole that sells food, because that’s what I felt during that time I am hungry. They have a floating market but for the first time to visit the park like us, it is so difficult to locate the place because it is so wide. So if your lost asked someone or if you are good in reading maps stick to your map.

What to do?

Muang Boran is a wide outdoor museum with a lot of ruins, temples and buildings and etc. to see so mostly all of the time you will be at the place is to take good pictures and appreciate the beauty of the place. The place is not boring actually it’s so wide and has a lot to see that makes you “WOW”. You can also buy souvenirs inside and i think you will really enjoy taking photos  and biking around the place. The good thing of the place is that you can actually step on it or touched it. There's a lot of museum that you only need to look at them but never touch it. Well Muang Boran is not like that you can touch it or even climb on it especially the big ship replica inside. 

Choose to see
the good

Photos taken by yours truly..^____^

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