Wardrobe Hack 102

My second personal tips or style advice this week. I really feel like sharing my own style and tips to all the girls all over the world.  I just love sharing ideas and also learning from others. 

I always love to wear shorts, you can see me seldom wearing jeans or skirt. Maybe you will see me wearing jeans and skirt when I’m at work. But most of the time I’m only wearing a shorts and great tops. So how will you make your outfit look good by just wearing your favorite denim shorts? 

When you just feel like just wearing shorts and t-shirt or any blouse and still you want to look great you can add some accessories to your look to make it more glam. You can wear layered necklace or bangles with rings. Or perhaps you can use your glamorous sunnies. 

For my own style, my top is a long sleeve plaids with my denim shorts paired with my black heels. And accessorize with my round sunny. When you are wearing a very cleavage top and you don’t want others might see the “not supposed to be seen” use a duct tape or a double sided tape that can hold your clothes and skin. How? Place the tape on an area of your breast that you don’t want to be seen then attached the bottom cleavage part of your top. For denim shorts zipper, sometimes if the zipper doesn’t goes up and it drives us crazy or maybe me. Just take a key ring and insert it to the zipper and pull it up and insert again over the button so that it will be hidden. And that’s are all my few wardrobe hacks this week.

Nothing is impossible
the word itself says
----- Audrey Hepburn 

Long sleeve Plaids from a Boutique
Denim Shorts from a Boutique
Round Sunny fom Topshop
Watch from Zalora
Heels from a Botique

If you want to buy the same outfit you can buy it in any Zalora, below is a sample it's from Zalora Ph. just click the caption for a direct link. And you can use my discount code ZBAPZFLQ

                                                                          Denim Short             Sunglasses                Plaid Long Sleeve 

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