K-Products must have!

I’ve been addicted to organic products lately and using it more frequently. Organic products really helps your skin to stay healthy. It’s also like our body we need nutritious foods to keep us healthy. I noticed that most of Korea’s products are totally organic, I think that’s why the Korean’s skin mostly women are very smooth, fair and healthy. Honestly speaking? I am really envy to Korean women skin. So that’s why I want to try some Korean products this month of August.

So I Google and at the same time watched some Youtube reviews about top Korean products, there are so many of them but I only need to choose few of them that is suitable for my budget and also available in this country.

So here’s my “MUST HAVE” Korean Products, most of them are from Skin Food and Innisfree.
1.       Serum – Black Sugar Perfect Serum from Skin Food
2.       Emulsion or Moisturizer  - Parsley and Mandarin Emulsion from Skin Food
3.       Sunscreen – Premium Tomato Cool & Dry Sun Spray from Skin Food
4.       Clay Mask – Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from Innisfree
5.       Mask – Sheet Mask from Innisfree
6.   Primer - Lime Secret from Skin Food

So as you can see, the names of the products are totally vegetables or fruits, well that makes sense when I say organic. I also included a video below (not for advertisement) to help you and me decide if this products really gonna work base on her experience.

And for sure I'm going also to make a review with this products soon in my blog before August will end or first week of September. So keep posted and let see what might be the result of my must have Korean products. 

(Photo from Tumbler)

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