Wardrobe Hack 101

I usually don't buy clothes or dress when i know that it's only gonna stay for a long time in my closet and if i don't have enough budget to do shopping. That's why i always do mix and match and styling of my clothes and dress that i have in my wardrobe.

As you notice fashion always repeat itself, you may find denim clothes very trendy now but the next season it will fade and the next season it will come back. So I don't throw easily my clothes that i know that i'm gonna need them for the next season. 

If you feel like wearing a dress because lately you had been wearing jeans and shorts and you are out of budget to buy new one, it’s not a problem. We always have those little black dress or any kind of dress in our wardrobe or closet. We just don’t notice them because we have so much fun wearing our favorite clothes. But sometimes we have our concern regarding our dress, “it’s old”. It’s not actually a big problem it’s just a matter of styling and mix and match to make it a new outfit. Bring out your creativity. 

So for my advice in Fashion Styling, layer your dress with a denim vest, or if you don’t have a denim vest any kind of vest well do. Pair it with Ankle boots or if you don’t have, wear your favorite sneakers. And to complete the total new outfit inspiration accessorize it with a bowler, or any round hat you have as long as the color matches with your outfit.

This kind of look is very good when you go to school or going out with friends, it’s girly but hippie. If you are run out of ideas on what to wear, just try this look and you will definitely look great. 

Don’t go Broke
Trying to look rich

Bowler from a Boutique
Denim Vest from a Boutique
Dress by Zalora Th
Ankle Boots from a Boutique

If you want to buy the same outfit you can buy it in any Zalora, below is a sample it's from Zalora Ph. just click the caption for a direct link. And you can use my discount code ZBAPZFLQ

                                                                      Denim Vest             Cross Back Flare Dress     Ankle Boots

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