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 There’s always comes in our life that we want everything to be perfect in our most special day. This day is the time that we want to be recognize or to feel special in our own ways.

Special occasions comes in so many titles, Weddings, Anniversary, Prom Night, or even Big events. And the main thing that we concern the most is what to wear, what to do before the day and etc. We panic, sometimes exhausted because there are so many ideas in our head sometimes none. And we are run out of inspirations because of so many choices in our table.

So I listed my Tips and ideas before the main event. Note that it is applicable also for Wedding and Prom night and other events.

                        1. Month Before 

a.       Toning - If you are in a great shape that’s good but you still need to do some body exercise toning. But if you feel that you are too heavy for the big day or night do some light exercise and eat healthy foods. I’m not saying die to death to get a perfect body what I meant is that do exercise to makes you comfortable on that event.
b.      Planning – Plan what you want to wear, your shoes, what will be your make-up look, and what purse are you going to use. There’s a lot of inspirations offline and online, so gather at least 5 choices and think thoroughly what is your final pick. Ask a friend if you are having doubts, ask your girl friends and guy friends, the most likable dress or shoe is better, and think about it if what they want is also your favorite. Because at the end of the day it’s you who are going to wear it not them.
c.       Budgeting – If you have a lot of money to buy those dress or other things then good for you, but if you are out of budget ask your parents or yourself how much money are you or they going to put up for those expenses. And then if it’s not enough you can do a part time job to get those things, or choose the dress that is on your budget.

2. Week Before

a.       Shopping – If you already have the money in your pocket buy the dress earlier like a week before because there are most of the time that good dress or the dress that you wanted is out of stock when you buy it last minute. It’s not only you who buy dresses, it’s first come first buy basis. Then if you are going for shopping better get your friend to judge or to have at least comment on what you buy.
                        3. Three Days Before

a.       Make-up – Plan what you’re make-up would be, make sure that it is fit with your dress you can search and get a lot of ideas in google or Youtube.
b.      Appointments – If you have extra budget and you don’t want to do your own make-up, you can go to your favorite make-up artist and schedule a day for your event. Or if you don’t know any good make-up artist ask from a friends.

                              4.   A Day Before

a.       Beauty Day or Spa – You don’t want to look rugged or stressed in your coming event, so get your feet and head to your favorite spa with your friends. But if you don’t have enough budget for Spa, you can do a DIY spa in your own room with your friends, there’s a lot of ideas in Pinterest or you can check mine, click HERE. And don’t forget to get your nails done.

                               5.  Night Before

a.       Shave your legs, Relax and Get some sleep

6. The Day

a.       Wake-up Early and make enough time to prepare so that you will not panic to rush for your big event. If you shower too long get an hour for that, prepare your dress and things for the prom. Do your make-up and if someone else going to do your make-up go to your appointments. And lastly before you are going to your Event don’t forget to have a bite before stepping out to the door, you don’t want to be fainted on your special day.

Dresses are one of the most important thing when you go to event, but sometimes so stressful to find and search for perfect dress. So below are the dresses that is perfect for Wedding Dress, Bridesmaid Dress, Cocktail dress, Communion Dress, Evening Dress, and Prom Dress. You can click the caption of the direct link.

Prom Dress

Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress

Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid / Guest Dress

Bridesmaid Dress

Prom Dress

Prom Dress

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

You can buy these beautiful amazing dresses at AISLE STYLE.

Remember the 4 tips from Kyle Jenner
                    Keep it Classic and Cute
                       Own your Confidence
               Choose your Date very wisely
                     Don’t break the Budget

   Photos from Aislestyle

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