Guide for Skin Tone

I am not quite a fan of Red Apparels because i think i get look darker when i wear it and red for me symbolize sexy and sophisticated. It's not like i don't want to feel sexy, i think i am more on charming trendy woman than sexy lady.

But i want to try wearing red in my own preference and style, There are some people that they only limit their preferred colors and kinds of clothes because of some certain things like my issue if i wear red i get a darker skin tone. So i want to share with you  two Youtube videos that i loved on how to know what colors work for you. This video is not an advertisement i just find it very helpful when it comes to fashion.

Part 1

Part 2

Don't be afraid to come out
in your comfort zone.
Just be sure that when you come out
and decided to experience something
make sure that it is in the right track.
And you will not end bad.

I hope you understand on what Mimi is talking about the colors and what color you don't usually wear?

Coat by H&M Thailand
Aztec Red Body-con from a boutique
Nude Jeggings from a  boutique 

You can wear the same clothes and style in any Zalora, below is the same clothes i wear from Zalora Ph. You can use my discount codes ZBAPZFLQ. Just click the caption for direct link.

Trench Coat                   Red Dress                 Skinny Pants                                                                        

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