July Hall of Fame

So I've been talking about so many times about the good points in using organic products, So I'd like to share my comments and reviews on my top picks beauty products that is really effective for me and hopefully for you. This is my July Hall of Fame.

1. First in my list, my Carrot Health Soap. I've been using this soap for a long time already, i think since 2014 but i can't remember the specific date.

I know that I've been talking this Carrot Soap before and i have no negative comments about it, it's really effective though it takes time to see the result. It's not what other advertisement says just for seven days you will see the result or in just one night. I can really say that it is effective but it takes patience and consistent use, to see the good result. When you are using this soap for the first time you feel hotness in your face but it will only takes 2 or 3 days and it will ease, i think the reason for this is that your face is trying to adjust with the soap. But if there's a spot in your face after using the soap, stop using it you are allergic or not compatible with the soap.

2. Second in my list is Scruples Cucumber Foam Scrub. I never go out without putting a make-up or light make-up on, and then before i sleep i make sure that my face is clean. This is to remove the make-up and specially the dirt while i'm out.

What i like about the Cucumber Foam Scrub is that there is a tiny bits, that will help to remove the dirt and make-up that cannot be remove by water and soap only. And also the main content of this product is obviously a cucumber that is very good for the skin. Cucumber Foam Scrub is purely organic.

3. For my body skin, Vaseline Healthy White SPF 30 PA ++. When it comes to skin care products i usually pick products with at least SPF 15, this is to protect my skin while I'm using the product so there will be no fighting against the sun.

 As i said at my Carrot Soap , i'm also using this product for almost three years already and it never failed me. Every year Vaseline make new products with better contents and SPF. What i liked about this product because it has an SPF 30 and PA ++. To know more about SPF and it's time gauge click HERE

4. Garnier products. Garnier Sakura White Serum, Garnier light Eye- Roll on, Garnier Active Scar Remover and Garnier Aqua Defense Moisturizer

All these Garnier products are really effective to my skin, what i  love about these products is that they really makes my skin firm and soft. Especially the Garnier Active Scar Remover it really wipes away my small scar in my chin. It's not an overnight application only, but as i said it takes time and patience and consistent.

So that would be all my July Hall of Fame. I hope you like my reviews on these top products i like and hoping it helps you to pick some good products for your skin.

When it comes to skincare products and routines it always start from the basic to the most complicated, there are a lot of products in the market now. The most important is

Know your skin
Know your products
it is not wrong if you go back 
sometimes to BASICS. 

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