Wear it Loose

Most Ladies love to wear fitted dress that will definitely emphasize their beautiful body. And some plus size women also love to wear fitted clothes because they just want to feel sexy and they are actually. I’ve seen plus size women that have an hour glass body even though they are plus size. And there are types of women who are very skinny or a bit skinny wear loose clothes.

Me, personally love to wear loose clothes in style, I feel comfortable in it and I can move easily especially in a day that I have a lot of loads to do. And the other reason why I love loose clothes is that the air can easily pass through inside my clothes, this is so much important because I’m living in a hot country. 

Most people sometimes misinterpret women wearing loose clothes, like they are homosexual or pregnant or anything. But sometimes it’s not true, they are just women who love to wear loose dress or clothes like me.

Body confidence doesn't come from 
trying to achieve the perfect body.
It come's from embracing
the one you've already got.

Loose Blouse from a Boutique
Bottom from a Boutique
Dock head Shoes by Robertos

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                                                                                    Loose top                               Crop Pants

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