Beach Waves

As a member of the community of short hairs, i need to keep up with styles and techniques on how to take good care of my shorty hair also try new looks with a short hair. They say, short hair only have limitations when it comes to styling but i don't think so. One of the styles that i'm actually practicing and loving is the beach wave. It's a long strand curl of your hair, and it looks like you just hang-out at the beach. It's actually popular right now though summer is over here in Asia.

So how did i do it with my short hair? Let's go with step by step

1. I always style my hair after i washed or just came out from a nice shower. I don't like styling my hair without washing it because i feel unclean. First things first, before doing anything i make sure that i pat my towel thoroughly to my hair to get the excess water. Then using the Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray. i spray my hair before a direct contact to my Dove Blow Dryer. It is very a must to use a heat protective products before using an iron or blow dryer in your hair. Direct heat to your hair may cause damages like split ends and and other hair damages.

2. After spraying my hair with a heat protective spray, i start blow drying my hair. My techniques in Blow drying that really works for me is that i start at the top of my hair, with a straight up blow dryer position. I actually don't use too much brush in blow drying, i use my hand. Then at the tip of my hair, that's the time i use my brush. For the back of my hair i turn my head down so i can blow dry the back part of my hair.

3. And my hair is already dry, i section my hair using a fine pointed comb, where i want to divide my hair into two sides.

4. Then i use a clip to keep all together first the other side of my hair. So that i can concentrate without any hassle on my other side. I also use bobby pins to keep my bangs, because i will curl it after i finished curling the both sides.

5. Now the curling process, I used a flat iron because i don't have curling iron. But i think it would be easier to use a curling iron than a flat iron. Anyways, what i did is that i take a small section of my hair then insert my hair to the iron and turn it away from my face to the tip of my hair. Then I'll count 1001-1010.

6. After counting i carefully take off the flat iron away from my hair, and twirl it again using my hand. Then i use a bobby pin and pin it to my upper head. Why i do this? because it is so much easier for me to curl the others without any interruptions from my other hair strands. You get what i mean?

7. Next is to continue the rest and the other side,the same process. Curl away from the face, count 1001-1010 and carefully take-off the flat iron, twirl it again with your hand and pint it at the upper part of your head using a bobby pins. Don't forget to curl the bangs when you are finished with the both sides.

8. After curling and pinning the both sides, carefully take out the bobby pins.

9. For the finish line, i used a Dove Nutri-oil serum to moisturize my hair after a process of heating. It is so much like our body, after a long hours of exercising we need to drink water to keep out from dehydrating.

And the final result of my beachy waves short hair. What do you think?

Below are the products and stuff that i used for my hair styling tutorial, and please let me know if you want another short hair style for me to post, just comment below.

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