Color Popping

When i was in High school or even in First year college to 2nd year college, my friends notice that my color clothing style is so much weird. I always wear contradicting colors that i may look like a clown. LOL.

I admit that before i don't know how to balance the color of what i wore and i really loved to wore layering clothes. When i remember those days, i laugh at myself because i really look like a frustrated fashionista, and i want to erase it in my mind because i am embarrass with my own self. Well, i know that everyone experience what i experienced, the  feeling of being a beginner and trying to impress others. But day by day, i learned how to balance everything from my top to bottom and the right color pairing of clothes. I'm not saying i'm professional but i can say that i have the knowledge and i'm really a good observer.

I love to wear colorful clothes but i make sure that it is balance to my total outfit, that's why i am one of those people who love to wear color popping.  What is color popping? from the word "pop" the one color that stand out from everything. I always make sure that there is one brighter or darker color that i wear for my total outfit, it's either a shoes, heels. bags, purse,top or vest, anything that pops-out. Because for me wearing an outfit that has a color popping makes your whole outfit alive and positive.

For this Color Popping post i wear a White Printed shirt and a colorful Aztec Skirt pair with brown sandal.

White Printed Shirt from Beverly Hills Polo Club 
Aztec Skirt from
Sandal from Zalora TH


You can shop or buy the same dress at Zalora Philippines. You can also use my discount code ZBAPZFLQ . For a direct link, just click the image below.

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