YES! Happy Birthday to me

It's my birthday!!! not my blog's birthday but when i was born on earth. I don't want to share how old i am but one thing i can say, i'm Last year i witnessed a lot of changes in my life, i have a tons of ups and downs, and i survived. This day as the start of a new life for me, i like to share some of my goals in life and hopefully i will reach all of them at this point of my age.

I don't know if i have a gift or what, but some of my dreams and goals in my childhood to college years came true, just a push of efforts and believing that surely i can reached those one. So this new added number in my life, i want to share my 5 goals and i will do and try my best to reach at least all of them.

1. As a blogger, i want to collaborate with one of the biggest brands in fashion or beauty. It sounds ambitious but hey!, sky is the limit. I know that I'm just an ordinary person living in an ordinary life, but i have dreams too, it's not being ambitious but it's about making my life the most of it.

2. As fashion enthusiast. i dream to have my own clothing designs and to collaborate it with other brands or designers. I know i have a wide imagination, but i love to design or style some clothes, i can't help it. Fashion is my passion.

3. As an obsess writer, i don't mean i'm obsess literally what i meant is that i love to write anything that comes out in my mind. i wish someday somehow i can write a book and publish it. I know it sound crazy but i want to inspire people especially women all over the world about the fairness of everything.

4. As an event and creative coordinator, I'm trying my best that this new challenge in my life will be successful. Though there are lots of competitions, tons of trials and lots of commentator, i will do my best not to give up and bring out all my efforts. I will see to it that it's not a competition but rather a challenge.

5. And i will be more serious when it comes to savings. I am totally a huge spender, i'll try my best with all my best to control spending to nonsense.

6. And lastly. as an adventurer and explorer, i hope that i could travel more.

And for my wish to all over the world is that may you reached your dreams and never give up on it, though sometimes you don't know where to start but keep on holding on it. There's are a lot of people all over the world that starts from nothing but they totally ended on their dreams. And when you do, never forget to always step on the ground and thank the people who lift you up.

You are never too old
to set another 
goal or to dream a
new dream

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