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As i said to my previous post "K-Products must have!" that I'm going to have my own personal reviews with the Korean products that i'm going to use. And i would like to clarify that this is not a sponsored post, that i bought it in my own and try it for a month now.

So, I am only going to review two Korean products from Skin Food Thailand.

First is the Skin Food Parsley and Mandarin Emulsion. Some of you might know what is Emulsion but for the sake of others who don't know like me when i started it first, Emulsion is the same with Moisturizer. It's basically like Serum vs Essence, it's actually the same, Serum is known in Western and Essence is known in Asia, they are the same but they only differ in texture of substance, it's just a marketing tactics. Let's start the review of this Emulsion, I don't see or experience negativity on this product, for real. The packaging is perfect it is purely a bottle, and it is a 160 ml and i'm using it for 30 days now and still my emulsion is not yet in half, that's a very good thing. Why? I don't need to spend every month to buy a new moisturizer for my face, i can totally save my money. Next is the texture, it's actually a bit watery substance it's not like any other moisturizer that is creamy and very sticky. I like the watery texture because i can only use a small amount of substance for my face, and i can feel the freshness of my face after putting on some emulsion. Ingredients, in the bottle it says it has a Parsley and Mandarin Extracts, according to my research Parsley has a 47 Amazing Benefits, i'll just share the top 5 benefits because it's gonna make too long to discuss.
                     a. Reduce Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Scars
                     b. Improves Healing
                     c. Erases Under Eye Dark Circles
                     d. Antibacterial and Anti-Fungal properties
                     e. Clear and glowing Skin

And for the Mandarin Extracts:
                     a. Antioxidant
                     b. Glowing Skin
                     c.  Improve Skin Tone
                     d. Fight Wrinkles
                     e. Heals Wounds

Next, is the effect of the Parsley and Mandarin Emulsion in my face,it's totally great, my face became a lot smoother and it actually glowing, though i don't have any major problems with my skin but i felt and see that my skin is getting brighter and better.

Second Skin Food product is, Lime Secret Shine Light Base SPF 13 PA +. It's actually a Primer. Some of you might not know what is a primer well, i don't know also way back before but when i'm starting to watched a lot of You tube Make-up tutorials i wonder why they always using a primer before putting on their make-ups and what is a primer? I've done my research Primer is actually a base for foundation that allows it to go smoother and last longer. Before I'm using a Primer, i'm actually using a sunscreen product before using my make-up because i am so sensitive to my skin that contacts directly to make-up substance. And i also read before that wearing make-up under a sun might cause damages to your skin. So Sunscreen is a must before make-up. So when i try to use the Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Light Base, i make sure that it is built with SPF and PA, well it has but it's not enough compare to the sunscreen that i usually used. It's only SPF 13 and PA+ so it means that the SPF on the product only last under 2 hours. To know more about SPF Gauge or SPF hour limitation, click HERE. And the bottle packaging is actually small, so i assume that i'm gonna buy a new one every month, but let see. But what i love about the product is that it's texture, the texture is creamy and not watery which is good when i am applying my make-up because it will totally hold in my face. And the next one is the substance itself, when i pat in my face and massage all over to my face it actually glows in my skin and makes my skin brighter. The main ingredients of the Primer is a Lime, which treats skin Tan, glowing skin and treats dark spots.

Skin Food is actually a Korean Organic Skincare and Make-up products which is totally great when you are a person who believes in the miracles of Organic products. I hope you like my review on this two products in Skin Food, and hopefully i can try some other products in Skin Food. I think there are a lot of stores that sells Skin Food products internationally.

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