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In other countries, I am clueless on what season or months that has a lot of weddings. One thing I’m sure of that in the Philippines, brides and grooms tie their knot during the month of June. Weddings are one of the most important day of a person’s life, aside from birthdays, Christening and a lot more. Wedding also has been open for homosexual communities in other countries. Hey! I don’t do discrimination here I am totally open with my thoughts, I always believe on “Fairness”

When it comes to wedding there are a lot of things to consider, the colors, flowers, cakes, theme and even the location itself. It’s so hassle right? That’s why Wedding and Event coordinator exist to help us to keep calm and be marry, one of my friends back in the Philippines is going to have her own wedding next year and I throw myself to her why not let me try to be the one to decorate your wedding. Aha! I’m confident and I have a lot of ideas in my head, why not share it? One of the wedding that is really inspiring and romantic to do is a “Beach wedding”. Wedding by the beach has a lot of themes to do, and you can even make your own decorations. And if you are asking how to find a perfect wedding dress in a beach set-up? No worries because I discover that Cocomelody has a great and fabulous wedding dresses for the Beach set-up and also for Destination Wedding Dresses. They have a lot of choices of Beach Wedding Dresses that will totally makes you in love with the dress. I’ve been hook up with the few Theme inspiration by the beach, and I can totally say that it’s beyond imagination. Below are my 3 favorite Wedding Themes in a Beach location.

1.    Bohemian Wedding - I totally love this one, because it’s a kind of wedding that has an expression of “Freedom” base on the choice of colors, and style. Bohemian chic weddings are full of whimsical details, long flowing fringe dresses, layered necklaces and chunky bracelets, wild flowers and feathers, and a bride and groom whose look is relaxed and effortless. That’s why I said that it has an expression of freedom. And of course for the bride she needs to find a dress that fit-in to the Bohemian Chic theme and that still looks elegant on her way. So I browse the collection of Beach Wedding Dress of Cocomelody and I found a great piece in a Bohemian Chic wedding.
2.    Retro Beach Wedding – Basically it is a vintage wedding, and with a touch of beach essentials. Retro theme is a great inspiration in a wedding set-up by the beach. Because it’s funky and fun and at the same time classy. You can get a lot of Retro Wedding ideas from the 1920s, ‘40s, ‘60s or a decade not the one that we live in today. What I loved the most about Retro Wedding theme is the decorations and the hair itself. It’s just so classy and vintage. For the bride’s dress I personally choose two wedding dresses from Cocomelody for this Wedding theme. 

3.    Luxurious Wedding by the beach – There are couples or people that they want their wedding will be on the beach but they want to stick to a luxurious kind of wedding. Like they want it to be a royal kind of wedding. Did you get what I meant? It’s an expensive wedding and being prepared for a long time but still the location is in the beach. So I again choose two wedding dresses for this kind of situation Cocomelody.  

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Do you like my three ideas and the five wedding dresses from Cocomelody? You can visit their website at or visit their facebook page at . For a direct link of the pictures above? Just click the pictures. 

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