Short for Shorts

I am a huge fan of Shorts, i know i said it before that you will always see me wearing shorts than jeans. I'm just too comfortable wearing shorts, especially when the weather is so hot. But i do have limitations when it comes how short my shorts is. Others don't have, maybe because they are blessed enough with too much confidence which i don't have.

I am proud that i have a good skin and long legs but still it doesn't give me enough confidence wearing those very short shorts walking along the streets. Maybe because i grew up in a country where SOME people look at you head to foot and judge you the way you dress. I know the importance of showing of who you really are and that's a good thing but consider also the surroundings that your living in.

For example when you are in Saudi Arabia, they have a very respected culture and they have a really strict rules wearing provocative clothes for women is not allowed and you need to follow and respect that.

But there are also some countries that are very open when it comes to women fashion styles. and maybe you can wear anything you want in those countries. Like Thailand, especially here in Pattaya, i can see a lot of foreigners who are walking along the streets by wearing only a swimsuit. It's actually natural here in Pattaya, since Pattaya is a beach city, and locals seems to do not care. Unlike some places in the Philippines that you need to fit in to the surroundings. Being different and expressing your selves is totally okay as long as you know what is the moral and immoral.

Wrong Persons
The right Lessons of

White Long Sleeve from a Boutique
Leather Shorts from Pratunam Market Bangkok
Sandal from Zalora TH
Accessories from H&M TH

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