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Wedding Dress, sometimes you feel like you wanted to wear everything because everything were so beautiful and amazing, but you just need one wedding dress that will totally looks amazing on you. There are so many different designs and styles but lately Laces were rocking the aisle.

What's with the laces? i actually don't know but Famous Hollywood singers started wearing lace gown last year and maybe that's the reason why wedding gown designers started to design gowns with lace.  But lately I always saw Brides wearing gown with laces or laces details, and it’s so amazing to look at, sexy and sophisticated. Designer’s uses laces in so many patterns, some patterns are on the sleeves that when you look at them it looks like you’re wearing only the design but honestly it’s just a lace, did you get what I meant? Anyways I also wish that someday when I got married I could wear wedding gowns that has a design of a lace, isn’t that great? So I just found out that LandyBridal has a lot of lace wedding dresses in different styles and designs, they also have a lot of choices for wedding dresses 2016. So if you are planning to get married next year? No worries LandyBridal has a lot of choices and trends for the next year. Below are some of the Laces wedding dress that I truly love.

How about you? Do you like gowns with laces?

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