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If you are working, this blog post is relevant to your life, but if you are only a student i think this is also connects with you. In a working person's life, Day off is a big special day. Why? because this is the only day where a person can do her or his personal plans without any work interruptions.During Day off most of us, go to museum, park, malls beaches and any place with our love ones or friends. And some of us, including me want to look the best during day-off specially when the six days of working was wearing only uniforms and you can't flaunt your favorite dress.

 I am actually guilty of this Day-off situations, every day-off I always make sure to visit a place here in a foreign country where I am working. And including this special day I also wanted to look great because I only wear dresses once in a week, except for special occasions. If you wanted to visit a park, museums, malls or restaurants in your day-off i recommend to wear your best dresses I don't mean buy new clothes every day-off, what I mean is that wear the dress that you lastly bought and haven't wear for a long time. Day-off is the perfect time to flaunt your favorite dress. Pair it with flats or heels if you are comfortable with it. But for me, I know that I’m going to be walking and walking so I prefer to wear flats. And add some accessories to have a little life in your look like a layered necklace, a hat or a sunnies and you are ready to rock your day-off.

For me, i like to wear a valley style look maybe because i am living in a city which is super near to a beach just picture out less look like Los Angeles but not totally the same. I wear a gray dress paired with a brown sandal and with my boater's hat, i really feel the valley vibes in me.


Gray Dress from Zalora TH


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