4 Tips you might not know

I am talking about skincare for a long time, and i think im good at it because i always try first before i share, i don't want to share some tips and ideas that its only words but not proven. So anyways, it's Wednesday beauty  blog post and i want to share with you my 5 tips for skincare that you usually don't have an idea.

Tip 1 - when you are washing your face with your favorite soap or facial foam, massage your face for 30 seconds. This is so much effective of getting rid all the bad elements in your face from the outside environment or even your make-up. How to know that its already 30 seconds? So simple just count 1001 -1030 and your done.

Tip 2 - After washing the face, dry it by dabbing with a face towel not by wiping it. Did you know that wiping your wet face with a face towel can irritate, stretch and cause wrinkles.

Tip 3. - Drink water at least 8 glasses in a day. I know you heard it for a million times from others. But to tell you honestly it actually works great for your skin, and i mean it. I am actually not a water drinker before but one of my friends in college prove that water helps skin to have a remarkable glow. She is a water drinker for a long time and her skin is so beautiful, she is a simple woman so i can tell she is not using too much products or make up. And i started drinking water frequently and i can see that my skin is starting to glow.

Tip 4 - Is it necessary to go for a facial clinic? I don't know actually but recently i read Michelle Phan's blog (if you want to visit click HERE) about how it is good to go a facial at least once a month. And i think i agree with that, facial clinic have products, techniques and equipment that can actually remove all the bad elements in our face that cannot be removed by our usual facial wash and products. For example like, black heads, white heads and etc.

How about you? What will be your Skincare tips?

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