The moment of nearly loosing

Have you feel that feeling that you are at the moment where everything is happening as what you had planned. New job from a great company, new love life, new project and etc. You are stepping at the top of your own mountain. And then suddenly in one move everything is falling apart, you have no idea what have you done wrong to feel all the sudden failure. Life is a round path.

I do believe that in every achievement you accomplish there will always a trials or difficulties this is not to make us suffer or not to rely on hope. It’s all about molding us to become a better individual.

There is no easy way to success, if there is it only leads you to a wrong path and surely that you will regret at the end. When things got messed up, it’s alright to cry out loud, this is to release all the negative energy from our body, heart and mind. Talk to someone who trust you the most, someone will listen and will not judge you till the end. If you have no one to talk to, it’s ok to talk to God or whoever is your God. You might say it’s weird, it’s like your only talking to yourself, but it’s not it will help you to calm and when you say he never answer you’re wrong because along the way of talking to him you already know the answer of your questions.

What you feel right now, you’re not alone, and there’s always a time when everything’s is in order. Sometimes letting go of something leads to a new path. There’s always tomorrow for a new beginning, when things got worst don’t give up instead make it as your inspiration that someday you will rise from your own grave with full of happiness.

Jeans from Levis Thailand

It is just a 
Bad Day 
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