Short hair Don't Care

Lately, when i saw myself at the mirror with my long hair  and a bit wavy and curly, i realized that i actually look old because of my hair and i want to have a new version of me like Ann 2.0. So i decided why not try another version of my hair. The short one.

Before i consider the short length, i do research first if short hair would look great with my body type, and ask an advice from a friend if i'm gonna be really serious about cutting my hair short. And everything turns out agreeable for them. So i went to salon last week and totally decided to have a change. What do you think? does it look good on me?

so much for that, well this Wednesday Beauty Post is not all about my new look, it's about products that i personally choose and use for my hair and when i said personally use, it means it works 99% on me.

  1. Pantene Pro - V 3 minute miracle (Daily Moisture Renewal)  - I've been searching for a million times of conditioner since i was a kid, and i haven't found the one till now. What is all about Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal that i like the most? it's totally the smell that leaves in my hair until my hair dries and also it gives softness in my hair. I actually don't brush my hair, i just leave it as what it is, sounds crazy but i choose not to brush because i always have a hair fall. But Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal makes my hair soft and not tangle even i didn't brush it.

2. Loreal Paris New Ever style Volume Mousse - i know the name is quite long, actually it's a volume boosting mousse. I have a thin hair and sometimes when my hair dries it looks so flat in my head, and i don't think i look great on a flat hair because i don't have a great head shape, that's why i'm using a volume boosting mousse to have a great volume for my head. For all the hair volume products in the market why i choose the Loreal Paris New Ever style? it's because it's Alcohol free, as some of you been reading my blog you know already that i'm quite avoiding high alcohol products in my skin and especially surely in my hair.

3. Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray - I used heat protective spray because usually when i'm doing a style in my hair i used my hair dryer and my straitening iron and it doesn't good for your hair. Direct heat on your hair may cause split ends, dryness and damages.

4. After I style my hair with a blow dry or flat iron, I like to put some oil to keep the moisture of my hair after a direct heat contact. I love the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Nutri - oil Serum with Nutri-oil Essence.

So how about you? What products do you use for your hair?

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