Time Off

There comes a time that we just need a time off from all the busy days we had or the stressful emotions we feel. And every time we feel that need of time off we feel too lazy on what to do and we just feel like sitting in our favorite couch or lying in our bed for the whole day. But i have my ways on how to make the time-off meaningful and at the same time to release all the negative aura in our selves.


1. Picnic alone. you might say that     
being alone is not a good thing but 
i tell you when you feel a time off
you rather want to be alone. Going 
outside under a shade of a tree or
any shade is a good thing for your
mind and body. This is to inhale 
fresh air and you can think peacefully
or you can just read your books.

   2. Visiting Parks and Museum.
   There are so many parks everywhere, 
but i can say that parks in the
Philippines are more enjoyable
 and exciting. There 
are children laughing,
 street foods and families get
together. It's actually a good
 place to have a time off 
with your own self. It's an open 
place, full of positive
aura and full of colors.
 Good place to think and just
enjoy the day alone to be with thy self.

So how about you? How do you spend your time - off?


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