An Afternoon Dip

Let's pause for a while from my Top 5 trending Winter style and clothes, and let's talked about an afternoon relaxation. It's not Summer anymore, but i actually don't know if it's applicable here, the Sun is still hot with unpredictable rain, so i can't really tell what really the weather is here in Thailand. So instead of going out me and my friend decided to stay at my place and try for the first time the swimming pool in our place.

I am so excited to swim in the swimming pool, I've been living in this Condo for a months now and haven't experienced the swimming pool since last week. The reason is that my boyfriend is busy and my friends are busy, good thing my other beautiful friend also a fashion blogger wanted to have an afternoon relaxation.

Aside from the swimming pool, i am also excited to wear my "FRINGE" swimwear that i bought last year in a boutique. This kind of swimwear had been so popular now, and i was surprised that the design and style is almost the same though it comes with different colors, and wore by different fashion icons, like Camille Co. I saw in her Instagram that she wore the same one piece like mine but in Blue or Blue green color.

Okay, let's face the fact i don't have an amazing curve, but i am not ashamed of it because it's who i am. I adore great bodies, and i adore mostly those women who have great confidence. It's not what size you are it's how you carry it and flaunt it.

Let's go back to the FRINGE, i loved how the fringe is starting to get trendy this year and so lucky that i bought a piece of clothes that has a fringe, what's with the fringe? i actually don't have any idea, but it looks cool and when i saw fringe style i imagined Texas. Katrina is wearing a vintage print top that is so amazing the colors are not that so bright neither too dark.

I also took some great photos of my friend Miss Katrina, you can visit her blog at Felix D' Kat

Never let your friends 
feel lonely
Disturb them all the

Sadly i haven't found anything in Zalora, but i found the same Fringe Maillots in Cesa PH. Click the image for a direct link.

How about you? what you usually do to relax? Comment below, i love to hear something from you. And also follow me in Facebook so you can also be updated with my great news, just click HERE

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