Winter/Fall Style Trend #4 x Turtle Neck

Back to the trends of my Top five Winter Style outfits, I bet you're excited to know what is it. December is fast approaching and the weather is totally changing. This is the time were warm hugs and fire places are too much appreciated. Yay!!, Anyway there also comes a time that the sun is still there even though its already Winter, that's why "Turtle Neck" sleeveless is a trending style nowadays.

I was actually shooting this photos inside in our condo, because i don't have anymore time to shoot and i need to post it today, to follow my schedules. Having a day job is a lot more difficult to me, but i will really make time and extra effort to make my blog post consistent because i love to write, took photos and wear fashionable clothes.

I love my new Turtle neck gray sleeveless that i 
bought because it gives warm around my collar bone, 
and if the weather is going to be hot, no worries 
because it's a sleeveless, and if it turns out to be 
cold i will just layer it with my coat. I remember 
that i had a white Turtle Neck before when i was 
in college and i don't know where is it now,
 i don't give too much attention with it because i 
don't like the idea of a turtle neck and now? 
I totally regret that i didn't kept it in a safe place 
because it's totally rocking now and i like the
concept of it.

Turtle Neck have a lot of styles and designs now a days, and i get some photos of my favorite fashion bloggers wearing a Turtle Neck.


Turtle Neck from Dress by KM
Floral Skirt from a boutique
Sandal from Zalora TH
Coat from H&M TH

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