Winter/Fall Style Trend #5 x 70s Style

My last style of my Five list of Trendy clothes in this coming Cold or Rainy season is 70's style. You might say it's old and not cool, well let me tell you this, you might not like the 70s style but its actually getting back in fashion. Most fashion icons starting to wear a piece that came from 70s style, not the total outfit but at least a piece of one or two.

Even if 70s are not in trend? I think i still like to wear some 70s style pieces because i always adore vintage and classic designs and style. 70s are actually in right now, recent fashion week, most designs were inspired by 70s and most fashion bloggers wore 70s inspired. 70s are not old, its fun and classy in a way. Just don't be scared to try some few pieces. So if you are asking how with it help for a cold and rainy season? That's a great question, there are a lot of 70s trendy clothes right now that has a sleeve and not too much skin to show off, in times of rain you need more clothes to wrap around your body and when the rain stop it will also give you freshness when the sun is up. I highly recommend 70s top with sleeve, not too much for sunny and not too less for rainy days.

Blouse from a Boutique
Black Trouser from F&F Thailand
Sandal from Zalora TH


How about you? Do you like to wear 70s style?

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